Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Making a Splash and a burst of fizzy

It has been such a busy time these past few days.  We had our daughter Rebecca, hubby Dave and two of their children come down for a long weekend.  It was fast, noisy and fun.  On Saturday we went off to Splash Planet in Hastings with our chilly bin full of food and drink and ready for a day of fun.  The weather was absolutely perfect, but it did start to blow in the afternoon. 

It was hard work finding a spot to sit

The never ending river was such fun.  There was great hiliarity and much tipping over into the water.  I also managed to tick another activity off my bucket list....I went down one of the water slides.  Hmmm, it was interesting...Rebecca said "use the mat Mum as it will make it smoother" but didnt add that it would also make it much, much faster!!!  What a ride.

 We all had to go on the train of course, it seems to be a bit of a habit lately.  Dont you just hate those close up photos though?

A lovely day and everyone slept exceeding well that night. 

Sunday was family day.  My sister Joyce and brother in law Bill came up for lunch, my sister in law Colleen who lives locally came round (saw her at church and said come join the crowd) so it was lots of fun and laughter.  After filling ourselves, we then sat around and played a really fun card game that Nana actually managed to win!

The crew went back to Te Awamutu on Monday and I went off to Pahiatua to deliver a new sewing machine, then on to Palmerston North to pick up my 16 yr old grandson Sam who was over from Perth, Australia to visit his family.  Finally home about 6pm.

While Kerry was starting dinner, he decided his bottle of cola was not fizzy enough so decided to try and put a little more fizz in it.  Hmmmm, Kerry got more fizz that he ever imagined  ROFL.  The cola exploded out of the bottle and sprayed itself from one end of the kitchen to the other, over the walls, floor, cupboard, fridge, oven, you name it, it was covered in cola.  On hearing the explosion and making sure he was alright, I  quietly walked out of the kitchen, out the back door and went up to the front garden to check on the flowers!!!  By the time I returned, things had calmed down a little and Kerry was busy mopping up cola.  An offer of help was then accepted a little more graciously.  What fun!

Unfortunately, Sam had to go back to Palmerston North yesterday, so it was off again mid morning, tootle around Palmy, have lunch with some friends of his Mums, and then dropping him off home at Ashhurst, 15kms out of Palmy.

Phew, it has been so nice to have a day at home.  I felt too exhausted to start quilting...I had managed to load another quilt top yesterday....a simple French General quilt.  It will have to wait until tomorrow.  I mucked around with a small modern quilt I am trying to get made for Wine Country Quilts.  You can check this exhibition out here .

Now I am off to bed.  Have also booked a massage for Friday morning...oh bliss.

Thanks for reading and come back soon.


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