Sunday, 18 September 2016

Lovely day out to Quilt Show (lots of photos)

Hello everyone,

On Saturday I leapt into the car and with my good friend Colleen we set sail (well car actually) for Carterton.  We stopped for a coffee halfway in Woodville and then tootled off again.  Picked up our friend Lorraine in Masterton and swooped down to Carterton, threw my sister into the car and off to the show which was run by the Master Guild whose membership comes from all over the Wairarapa.

We had a lovely day.  Lunched in the Cancer Society run cafe on the premises and had the freshest sandwich ever - made while we waited.  The Show was very good and only purchased 4 fat quarters for a quilt in mind and resisted the rest.

Enjoy the photos and see you again soon.

Hugs and blessings to you all,

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Still alive and stitching...

Oh dear, sorry everyone but it's been a bit of a rough time lately and finding the energy to write a blog was just not there.  We lost our eldest grandson to suicide and can only encourage you to talk to your grandies and let them know how much you love them every time you see them - as I'm sure you do.  Thank you for your patience.

I have managed to do a little stitching with my granddaughter's quilt having one side of the frame to go on and then the final border.  Definitely progress, but quite slow.  It has been a very fiddly finishing off process which I just hate with a quilt.  It is going to be simple, simple, simple from now on!!

Have been very spoilt - this is what I have been playing with today!!!
Not sure if the video is going to work.
Look at this gorgeous machine - a Janome MC9400 QCP no less.  Just happened to have a customer purchase my almost new 8900QCP Special Edition and that has enabled me to upgrade.  Wowee, how posh is that then.  I was so annoyed when I upgraded just a few months ago and then Janome brought this lovely new baby out.  When you are selling to a lot of quilters, it's important to have the top machine, now I am set.  Well, those are all my excuses and I'm sticking to them, hehe.

So while I was trying to decide what to practice on because it was Tuesday Chat day and no room to play with borders, I decided it was time to make a move on my box of 2 inch squares.  Had seen Cynthia Bunz's blog here and it inspired  me to get cracking.  Some of these fabrics are probably almost 20 years old so time to use them up.

They are coming along nicely.  Still far too many squares in the box, so might have to do some more yet.  Thought I might put a bright border around next.

Off to hospital on Monday 12th September to have the pesky gall bladder removed.  Hopefully all will go well with the recovery as I have these breathing issues.  Any prayers offered up will be most gratefully received.

Cats are still ruling the house and we are at their beck and call.

Bye for now and talk again soon.