Friday, 22 March 2019

Scrappy Week

I have been tootling away at some more scrappy hearts and hope to have about 20 to send away on Monday.  The response has been overwhelming.  Thanks everyone.
I finished another hat this week.  This one was for my friend Helen, and it was a lovely pattern called Irma by Aneta Gasiorowka, whose Ravelry username is agasi.  It took a little bit of brain work for me to get the hang of it and I was actually amazed that I managed it.  I've never unpicked so much before without chucking it in the corner and leaving it there forever.  However, instead of said throwing out the toys from the cot, I did persevere and it is well worth it.  I even washed and blocked it, something I have never done before.  It was interesting...I watched a clip on YouTube and the knitter suggested using a partly inflated balloon to put the hat on to dry.  What a brilliant idea I thought, and after much scrounging Kerry and I managed to find a balloon that was not perished.  Of course Kerry had to blow it up, as I don't have any puff these days (darn). Next problem - neither of us could tie the blooming thing!!!  So we tied it tightly with a bit of fabric strip.  Later that evening said green balloon had become deflated instead of inflated.  "Nec minute" we found a vase that was shaped like a head.  Popped hat on and went to bed.  Oh dear, the ribbing had ended up on the widest part of the vase and was awfully stretched...  Back to the basin to soak and this time, I laid it flat.  After all this I forgot to take a picture.  This photo is of the one I did just before that for GD Marcy.
Thank you Aneta for such a lovely pattern.

Now my photos don't want to behave and load on my computer so I'm afraid this is all you can have today.  I am working on finishing my next two hexagon blocks in my mystery quilt and need to get a move on before April's arrive.  Trying hard to keep up with this one.  More importantly, need to get the next section done on Danielle's quilt.
Here's a couple of older quilts just because...enjoy.

The quilt above is one of the  very early quilts when I began doing long arm custom quilting and free motion.

The second one is the quilt I made for my granddaughter Olivia.  It was such a happy animal quilt.

Hope life is going well for you all and that you are enjoying some family time over the weekend.
Hugs and blessings to you all


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