Friday, 22 March 2019

Scrappy Week

I have been tootling away at some more scrappy hearts and hope to have about 20 to send away on Monday.  The response has been overwhelming.  Thanks everyone.
I finished another hat this week.  This one was for my friend Helen, and it was a lovely pattern called Irma by Aneta Gasiorowka, whose Ravelry username is agasi.  It took a little bit of brain work for me to get the hang of it and I was actually amazed that I managed it.  I've never unpicked so much before without chucking it in the corner and leaving it there forever.  However, instead of said throwing out the toys from the cot, I did persevere and it is well worth it.  I even washed and blocked it, something I have never done before.  It was interesting...I watched a clip on YouTube and the knitter suggested using a partly inflated balloon to put the hat on to dry.  What a brilliant idea I thought, and after much scrounging Kerry and I managed to find a balloon that was not perished.  Of course Kerry had to blow it up, as I don't have any puff these days (darn). Next problem - neither of us could tie the blooming thing!!!  So we tied it tightly with a bit of fabric strip.  Later that evening said green balloon had become deflated instead of inflated.  "Nec minute" we found a vase that was shaped like a head.  Popped hat on and went to bed.  Oh dear, the ribbing had ended up on the widest part of the vase and was awfully stretched...  Back to the basin to soak and this time, I laid it flat.  After all this I forgot to take a picture.  This photo is of the one I did just before that for GD Marcy.
Thank you Aneta for such a lovely pattern.

Now my photos don't want to behave and load on my computer so I'm afraid this is all you can have today.  I am working on finishing my next two hexagon blocks in my mystery quilt and need to get a move on before April's arrive.  Trying hard to keep up with this one.  More importantly, need to get the next section done on Danielle's quilt.
Here's a couple of older quilts just because...enjoy.

The quilt above is one of the  very early quilts when I began doing long arm custom quilting and free motion.

The second one is the quilt I made for my granddaughter Olivia.  It was such a happy animal quilt.

Hope life is going well for you all and that you are enjoying some family time over the weekend.
Hugs and blessings to you all


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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

#this is not us

My heart is still very heavy as I pen this quick post.  The tragedy that unfolded in our country on Friday 15th March has left a huge impact on our people.  50 precious New Zealanders lost their lives when cowardly shot down while praying in their Mosques while they were praying. These people should have been safe We have come together in ways never seen before and made us look long and hard at our own attitudes to races and religions.  It will take a long time for New Zealanders to process this.
I really liked what a Rabbi (on a panel of a Christian, Muslim and Jew) said in an interview on television discussing this event and the question of why do we have these white extremist views.  His point was (and forgive me for not remembering his name)  that "when God made Adam and Eve, He made them human.  The Jews were not around for another 2000 years."  Such a good point - human!
I continue to pray for all affected by this terrible tragedy.

There are, of course, many quilters doing what I am at the moment as we unite to make healing heart quilts.  This is the start of my offering.

If anyone would like to contribute to these quilts, the following is reposted for your information.  Please read it all first as there are some requests that are very important to be followed.  Thank you.
View this email in your browser
Quilters' Lane, 50a Queen Street, Masterton (behind the Library) 06 370 9400
Quilters' Lane News

Healing Hearts for Christchurch
Dear Quilters and Stitchers

It is so wonderful to see the community of quilters working together to do what they can to help the families suffering as a result of last week's terrible events in Christchurch.
Two of our fellow shops have volunteered and are making a massive effort to provide quilts for the families. Helen of Angels in Gumboots is co-ordinating heart blocks. These can be appliqued or pieced. There is a pattern in the kiwiquilters Facebook group.They are looking for green hearts on a white background. Here is some information from Helen
IMPORTANT NOTE: I've been asked to pass on that our hearts need to avoid the colour red, prints with animals on (my bad with my applique heart!) and prints with people/faces/figures.
EDIT: pattern has been uploaded into Files and a picture attached. I love how much aroha there is in this group! So excited to see what we create together. For those wanting to applique, just make sure the background block is 6.5 inches unfinished square and your heart is at least 1/2" from all edges.
Address to post to me: Helen Thomas, Angels in Gumboots, 101 Cambridge Avenue, Ashhurst 4810. Contact email:
May I make a suggestion RE the Healing Hearts quilts? I have put my hand up to help coordinate and organise Healing Hearts quilts.
I do know the colour white and green both mean a lot to Muslims - I am thinking we focus on white backgrounds with green hearts.
Busy Bee quilt shop in Rongotai have offered to quilt and bind 100 quilts. Our wholesalers have offered the backing and batting free of charge.

There has been a huge response internationally as well.

With love to you all and I pray that God will bless and keep you safe.

Saturday, 9 March 2019

Scrapping away still

I'm not going to talk about the fact that it's already well into March. Much better to talk about fabric and projects and everything else except how fast time flies. That's what you get when you look in the mirror I told  myself.  Just don't look and you wont have to think about it.  LOL.
In my attempt to reduce my stash,  I may have been a little successful since I spoke with you last, because at least I haven't bought any new fabric!!  Progress has been made on a number of projects, and I even dug out some (very) old UFO's and did a little on them.  I had to pinch myself a little at this point.  Hahaha.

The photo to the right shows that I have now laid out the fourth section of Danielle's quilt ready to be sewn up.
Section three has two blocks up on the design wall and the other two have be stitch into rows and just need making into the 2 remaining blocks.
That will just leave the fifth and final section to be done.  Woohoo as they say, sounds like it's almost getting there.  Must not speak too soon just in case.  LOL.

I'm trying to do some each day, but it can be a bit of a struggle some days.  All in good time.  The next three photos are of some eye candy from the Tuesday Girls who have been very busy of late.

This is Lorrie's lovely Christmas Redwork wall hanging.  It is really pretty.

Lorraine is doing a Boston Commons using hexagons.  These are quite large hexagons for Lorraine.  Often she is working with little tiny things that can barely be held in one's hand.  Mad, I think, LOL.  It's certainly going to be a beautiful quilt.  The fabrics are all French General scraps that Lorraine was gifted.

Not sure if I have already mentioned this quilt before but this is Lynn's Pies and Tarts quilt that looks fabulous.  It was interesting choosing the correct binding colour and I found a delicious rusty red in my stash that was perfect.

I have gifted my pile of completed pies and tarts and the cut out pieces and fabric etc to a quilter who needed it a lot more than I did.  I had to take a look at how important this quilt was to me in relation to my health issues and decided I did not want to continue with it.  Feeling really happy with that decision, and it has allowed me to continue on with other projects that need to be finished.

This is the first two blocks in the mystery quilt I am doing with Quilters Lane in Masterton.  I chose the Dear Stella colour way as a change for me and just love it so far.  The bestest thing though is it comes already cut.  I just have to sit and stitch it up together.  But guess what... I still only just got them done before the next blocks arrived. What.... that's just sad,  hahaha. Mind you, I had to pull out a few rusty old drawers in the filing cabinet of my brain to remember how to get these stitched up properly.  (whispering - I had to unpick a  To change the subject....

This little quilt appeared in post here a while back and a couple of friends had suggested I make it bigger.  I'm never too sure what to do with little quilts, and the fabrics were not suitable to donate it as a baby quilt.  So I have added on a small frame and another floral border so far.  Have another floral border but with different flowers cut from the same striped fabric so will put in another lighter frame and put that one on too I think.  Then I will have to decide what to do with it from there as it will probably end up neither one thing or the other.  Might have to ask if anyone would like it and send it off somewhere to live happily ever after!!

So that's about it here for now,  thanks a heap for popping in and reading about my crazy life.  My health has been great the past two to three weeks and New Zealand has been sitting under this ginormous high and the air pressure has been so good for me. Now it's back to reality as this dratted little low came by and moved it out the road.  Okay, I know we all needed the rain, but gosh it was fun while it lasted.  Ignoring the fact that winter is definitely coming with the cooler autumn nights and mornings we are now having and realising the other side of the world is very happy about that.  Oh well.  See you again soon.

Hugs and blessings

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