Friday, 7 November 2014

Baby Quilt made in time

Hello everyone.  Not sure where my week went to and now the weekend is half over.  This morning we headed off to Napier to look at the Home and Garden show.  It was a lovely sunny day but the wind had a cold bite to it.
Saw lots of great stuff for your home but we haven't won lotto yet so couldn't order much!!  Fabulous spa pools, awesome cooking pans, garden ornaments and  other tempting stuff.

Getting down to business, I was so thrilled to get Kea's baby quilt made in time for her baby shower last weekend.  Only decided on Tuesday afternoon that I could possibly make it in time.  Kept it simple and I just love the fabrics in it.  

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Then we had Daryll, Dayn and baby Hamish come visit on Thursday.  My how Hamish has grown.
I have done this post via my phone and cant figure out how to put a space between these photos.  Will do another post once I have been to work and grabbed the cord which I left behind.Thanks for reading and see you again very soon, Clare

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