Thursday, 30 October 2014

Woohoo Mary Rose Quilt is finished

Way back in 2005/6 (?) I made this quilt from a lovely new range of Quiltgate fabrics called "Mary Rose." It was a simple design I worked out myself and it was a class sample for a number of years.  It has always been one of my favourite quilts and pink is not even on my list of likeable colours!!!

Over our 4 day holiday weekend I decided it was a great chance to quilt one of my own quilts and Mary Rose was it.  I also wanted to try out this new (for me) free motion all over spiral pattern that my lovely friend Linda does so effortlessly. You can see her work here . 
This is what it looked like before I began to quilt...

I used a lovely soft green in a So fine, but afterwards, although it went really well with the quilt, I should have played safe and matched with the background while learning a new pattern that requires lots of backtracking!

This quilting style gives great texture to a quilt.  I'm so glad Linda showed me how to do it.

 Although I have done lots of free motion and many pantographs, I have not done much in the way of freehand edge to edge patterns, so have enjoyed learning this skill over the last few quilts.

This is a lovely old Singer that was passed on to us by a friend who wanted it to go to someone who would love it.  Kerry is going to give it a good service and then I will be able to stitch on it.  It has a motor but can also be used as a treadle.

Of course the problem with taking 8 years to finish your quilt, is that it is a little bit of a problem getting the same fabrics for a binding.  After an exhaustive search through my stash there was nothing for it but to go buy some.  I was such a good girl though...didn't buy any other fabric.  Having had to go through my stash there was no way I was going to add to it!!!

I feel very pleased with myself to have reduced the tops pile by one.  Some terrible person had the cheek to ask me how many more there were!!!  I ask you!  hmphhh....vbg....that is almost as bad as asking a lady her age.
As we had to go to Hastings to get the binding fabric, we diverted to Havelock North to have brunch in a wonderful organic food cafe that hubby knew about.  Sorry, the name escapes me, but the food was delish and their range of organic food items was wonderful.

Mr Moore drinking his coffee.  My photography skills do need work.  It was a very hot day with the sun blazing down, so by mid-afternoon we were forced to call in at Rush Munro's for a cooling ice cream.  Sat outside in the lovely garden area.

There it is.  All caught up.  tomorrow we are off to Wellington again.  DIL Kea's baby shower is tomorrow and I have managed to make a lovely wee baby quilt.  Photos next time.  Then on Sunday we are going to look at another house with Richard and Kea.

I hope you all have lovely weekends and will talk to you again next week.  Take care and drive safely.


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  1. oh Clare what super texture! Looks grand.
    Rush Munroe ice cream, yum oh. Love that stuff.