Sunday, 19 March 2017

Scrap sorting...

Got a bee in my bonnet about sorting out the two baskets of scraps that were hiding under the tea trolley in the classroom.  Spent about 4 days using my Accu Quilt to cut them up into various squares.  Love this tool.  Makes life so easy for me.

I did start to balk at the 1.5 inch squares as I dont have a die for them.  Might be a Mothers Day request.  Think I'll sew them into strips and then cut a block out.  Sounds so much easier.
Made this beanie for son Richard, who has put in an order for at least a buffer of 10 before I decide to leave this world!!  Nice I thought, to be appreciated.
Love, love love the sunflowers in our back garden.  Seeds came from our daughter Shala.
Made this wee quilt as a donation quilt from a couple of charm packs I had collected.  Managed to find a gorgeous orange FQ in my stash for the border.  Nice blue to bind with.

Off on holiday on Wednesday and staying in Wellington with Richard, Kea and Marcy.  Made this wee zippered bag for Miss Marcy to carry some of her treasures around in.

And to finish, once again we are playing host parents to a zillion caterpillars and subsequent chrysalii and butterflies.  It is so exciting to get them right through.  The population is in decline and not sure why.
Will catch up again when back from our first holiday since 2012.  Wow it's going to be so interesting.

Hugs and thanks for reading.

I'm linking to Oh Scraps and the link is on  my sidebar.  Do check out what other wonderful scrap quilts are being made.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Stitching on...

in this very hot weather.  We had 35 C yesterday and I'm afraid we just huddled inside with the air conditioning on.  It has never been my thing - hot sunny days at the beach.  I'm an autumn, spring sort of girl and don't even mind winter that much.  Mind you, compared to some places our winters are very mild.

I have managed to do a little stitching though, and have all the blocks made on the Craftsy BOM 2013.  Now just to figure out how to put it together and what colour joining strips I'm going to use.  The HST border does nothing for me, so I'm planning on a small frame then outer border.

I'm really happy with the colours in this quilt.  They are mostly hand dyed fabrics from a class we held at our shop quite a number of years ago.  I had been looking for a project for ages and the 2011 Shop Hop fabric my pal Barbara in Kansas sent me was perfect.  Mind you, lots left over yet and keep thinking a 9 patch would be lovely too.
Then about 10 days ago I fluffed around with these 4 patches in a vain attempt to join in with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for January. The colour was purples, so I  took all of my purple scrap 2" squares that were already cut, and stitched the whole lot up into these what!   LOL.
It was such fun, but I must not let them become another UFO!!

At Tuesday Chat today, Lynn brought along her gorgeous Hexagon quilt that she has finished.  Lynn did this as a BOM for the papers, but chose all the fabrics herself.  It is truly wonderful.

That's it for today.  The Tyson cat managed to get out of his collar overnight and now we are of 2 minds what to do with him.  His stitches had ripped open which is why he had the collar on after they were restitched.  Hoping it will heal this time without problems.  The shoulder is such a bad place for a cat.

Talk to you later.  Happy stitching.

Hugs and blessings
and I'm linking to Cynthia's here at Oh Scrap

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

It's February already...

and I have been working hard on my tasks I set myself for January.  The grandsons quilt is now almost together and I will not show you another picture until is is finished for real.  Also managed to finish all the applique stitching on the wall hanging.  Now to choose the border fabrics....hmm.  Rummaging through my stash is always distracting and actually quite difficult until all the college sewing machines are out of our spare room!! (Don't ask) lol.

This is going to be a quick post with so little to show you. But how about this beauty.
Sunflowers just make you smile and this one is no exception.  There are two other flowers comming on as well.  Today's rain has made them grow instantly.  Such goodness in natural rain.

Catch you later.  Off to pamper the cats who both have wounds - one had to go to the vets because of an abscess (ouch to the wallet) and the other might be developing an abscess of his own.

Thanks for popping in,


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Progress is happening...

At last, I have finished my 40 blocks for Bradley's quilt.  Had them all laid out on the lounge floor last night and forgot to take a photo.  But here they are all stacked up in their rows waiting for me to sew them together.  Really pleased to be at this stage.

They are extremely colourful, and I do hope he likes them.  Hopefully the next photo you see will be the completed quilt.  I am definitely over it, lol.
For a wee break, this afternoon I got back to this wall hanging which is no. 3 on my #17ufosin2017 list. Thought I should do something on it.  Happy to be back on it and getting that dratted applique stitched down.

I am happy with the way it is coming along and it should look good when finally finished.
Wow, not doing too bad for January.

Catch you later and thanks for popping in.

Hugs and blessings,

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Almost there...

I have been making a huge effort to get all the blocks finished with Bradley's string quilt...there are only 4 more to go. Just as well as my bin is getting very empty, especially with the longer strips for the middle.
It is just too hot to be outside at the moment, so apart from watering (every 2nd day, hand held hose only) I stay inside.  Means I can stitch for more hours than usual. Tomorrow I have to quilt a small top for my friend, so wont get them finished until Thursday.

Tyson was checking things out though.  You can see how dry our grass is.  No need to mow, except for the edges of the garden where we water.
The snapdragons (antirrhinums ) have really come on and are flowering beautifully.  They were tiny little self-seeded plants from my sister in laws.  All different colours too.

Thanks for popping in again.  See you again soon.

Hugs and blessings

Linking to Cynthia Brunz @  Oh Scrap   Take a look, you will love her quilts.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Happy New Year, may the scraps be with you!

Oh my gosh, it has been so long since I posted you probably have all given up on me.  My computer doesn't work very well these days and I need to figure out how to post on my phone.
The year finished with a wee flurry and I managed to get three Christmas ufos finished up.  Am so pleased with that.  My Christmas bunting never got finished in time however, so that is now my first finished ufo for 2017.  LOL.
Have joined in with #17ufosin2017 and I've made a list of those 17 projects I want to either finish or make good progress on.  Already started on grandson's quilt with another 8  blocks finished and dragged out my Agapanthus wall hanging which is supposed to be January's project. (no. 3 on the list was drawn out).

Here's a couple of photos.  The first is a 3 zipped pocket bag I made my sister for her birthday.  Used a combination of stash and bought specially fabric.  Joyce loves cats so couldn't resist the gorgeous purple cat fabric.

This Christmas wall hanging is one of the ufos I managed to finish.  Am so pleased with how it has come out I don't want to take it down...hehehe.

So there we go.  Small catch up and will try and stick to small posts in future.  Thanks for coming back.

Hugs and blessings to you all
Linking to Cynthia Brunz @  Oh Scrap   Take a look, you will love her quilts.