Sunday, 4 October 2015

Caleb's quilt finished and a couple more....

quilts have been transferred from the UFO pile into the "waiting to be quilted" pile.  So happy to have achieved some finishes at last and am feeling a lot better.
Lots of photos for you so hope you enjoy....
The first photos are of our trip to Wellington to see our son Richard and his lovely wife Kea, and the absolutely adorable granddaughter Marcy (of course I'm not biased)...

I loved the look of this sculpture in the square along Lambton Quay and we also went to Scorching Bay for afternoon coffee and cake.  It was my birthday on the Saturday so we had to have cake!!!

This beautiful camelia grows along the back of Richard and Kea's new home in Karori.  The weather was glorious for a Wellington August.

In the quilty department I have been having a ball.  First off... a FINISH!!!!!   Woohoo, all done and dusted, pieced, quilted and bound, oh my!!  It's just too, too much.  Caleb's quilt is now an item.  Although his birthday was last month, I asked him if he would mind if it hung in the Hawkes Bay Patchworkers Exhibition in Hastings that starts today.  He was most agreeable, so still hasn't properly seen his quilt.  I had great fun with the quilting as I decided to try some different and more modern looks, especially as the quilt was for a boy of 11. I am in love with it I have to say. Hope you like it too.

I used Magnifico 2159 for the blue part of the quilt, and King Tut 917 on the red border.  Worked well

These squares were such fun to do, apart from going the wrong way a couple of times and having to unpick!

Spirals filled the alternate square created by the diagonal lines.  Good look and again nice and quick to quilt.

There are three of these red squares over the quilt.  I forgot to get a full front shot so will do that when I attend the exhibition this week.
Then it was on to finally finishing one of my dd Rebecca's cushions.  Again going for that more modern look and very pleased with the results, as is dd.  The focus fabrics I am using were a gift from my pal in Kansas, Barbara - thanks Barb, they are being used for a great purpose.  Now to get on to the other couple.

The Aunt Grace 1930's quilt I bought as a BOM in Missouri, with above mentioned friend Barbara, has now moved into the awaiting quilting pile.  Just love this and might try and get it quilted for the next upcoming exhibition. That's if I get all my customer quilts done for this same exhibition!

The "Pretties" scrap quilt is also in the finished pile.  It was supposed to have another two borders, but I have decided it is quite big enough at 76 x 83 already.  The great thing about some scrap quilts is they look good with or without borders and this one will be fine.

 And it wouldn't  be right to finished without letting you see that the boys are being well looked after.  We bought them this "Mummy rug" which is like Minky.  They go bananas over it and knead it to death lol.

So there you have it.  Updated and will put the rest of the photos in another post.  Hope you are all well and enjoying life.

Take care and God bless,
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