Wednesday, 11 June 2014

An Affair of the Heart quilt

My friend Lorraine arrived up here on Monday with her quilt and no idea of how she wanted to quilt it!!  In fact, she was going to quilt it herself on my machine.  However, we decided it is such a beautiful applique quilt it needs special treatment and hopefully, I will manage to give it's some photos for you...

I am using So Fine black in the top and Bottomline black in bobbin and it is working like a dream.

 The photo above shows the filler designs on the outside of the feather shapes like the one below.  On the outside of the embroidered gold line I have just done pebbles as it is a very small area.  the binding will come right up to the bottom of the curl.

The feathering in these heart shapes is quite small...the width at the curl is about a half inch.  I have to say I amazed myself at being able to feather in and out of such a small space.
The long view.  It was tricky taking photos of the black background.  Even trickier quilting it as it is quite hard on the eyes.  Pleased with the progress so far though.

We have had constant heavy rain all day today and it was dark at 5 o'çlock.  Winter is here and the fire is very cosy.

No stitching has been done so far this week, but the beanie is coming along.  Talk to you later.



  1. Hello! I think I see some dream feathers. Looking superb. Are you falling in love with the Nolting? I'm emerging from a drugged up state and feeling pretty good. I brought all sorts of things with me to do and haven't touched anything except my I pad and the Herald!

  2. Hi Clare, I was wondering how you like your machine?