Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Scraps, Hexagons, hearts and lots of photos....

It has been a busy time since Sunday and I have some yummy photos for you.  First of all, I managed to get two rows together of my Pretties Scrap Quilt, then excelled myself and got another two done!! Whoopee, only 17 to go...that's not many when you say it fast!!!
First there were two....

...then there were 4....yay..
The long view...

I am really loving the way this quilt is looking already, which is inspiring me to get it together.

My friend Alison called in to use our tables to pin baste her gorgeous Zealandia quilt which was the last BOM that Quilt Works ran.  It was an exclusive to us quilt and was made from New Zealand fabrics but it is still available through Quilt Works in Lower Hutt.  It looks so good Alison...
Then there is Lorraine from our Tuesday Group who is mad about hexagons.  This is one of the latest she is working on which is going to be for her outdoor table.  Consequently there is a hexagon missing in the centre for the umbrella pole!!  Lorraine thinks of everything.
From memory I think these hexies are 1 inch in size. (Shaking my head here) lol.

And then we have the heart quilt....today I finished row 4...whoopee only 2 left to go.  Fighting off a sore throat and a few aches and pains that are beginning to develop, but the quilting must go on!
This is my new favourite ruler on my longarm machine.  It is called a Deloa's Boomerang ruler and is designed for curved cross hatching.  I have found it great to use going around the tiny little pieces of applique.

Today I had a lovely morning tea with about 20 church friends at one of our local cafes.  It was Gale's idea, and what a good idea it was.  I have to say the noise level of 20 plus females talking was fairly substantial...lol.
Tomorrow I have a lunch date with Sally up at the Church, so another little escape from the building!!!  It is quite good to have these breaks mind you, as staring at black background for hours is rather hard.
Ok you are now updated.  Kerry has cooked dinner (again) and it smells yummy....chops and veges...just delicious.

Keep on quilting and talk to you again soon.



  1. Hello! Thanks for linking to Hexie Weekend. Lorraine's hexies are fabulous. I'm really interested in your Pretties Scrappy quilt. I'm wondering if the farthest right row is not reversed. Shouldn't the large white squares face the other way to make stars in the center? Oh, I'll just have to wait til you add more rows to see how this beauty is heading.

  2. OMGosh, I cannot imagine that gorgeous Grandmother's Flower Garden being used as a patio table cloth. And the pieces are only 1 inch!!!!
    Thanks for sharing all the quilts. They are all inspirational.