Monday, 16 June 2014

Monday's musings....

It has been a weekend of travel, family and gladness to be home for a bit.  We travelled to Te Awamutu for Daryll and Hamish's birthday celebrations - father and son 40 and 1yrs.  It was really  neat to catch up with so many of our grandies all at once.
Most of Saturday was spent standing on the side of a netball court watching first the granddaughters and lastly our daughter!  I forgot to take some photos (still getting to remember the importance of this) of the littlies - Hayley is 7 and this is her first year of playing.  Her team won and Hayley managed to net two goals.  I think the influence of two older sisters and a mum playing is quite strong.
Danielle's team was on next (after a dash up town to have lunch in the cafe where our eldest granddaughter works) and she also scored heaps of goals.  A brief sojourn with Richard and Kea in their motel unit then back to the netball courts to watch Rebecca. Here she is having a break between quarters with happy Dad in the background!

Then it was back to the court!

Look at these two beautiful girls....Jessica holds Olivia - oldest to youngest.

Then it's most wrinkled to least wrinkled!!!

Why do my kids take awful photos of their
On our way home we were puzzled by this huge black cloud until we drove over the horizon and saw the fire.  It was so still at Whakamaru that even the smoke didn't move.

Today it was a slow move to getting back to work.  It was one of those Mondays where there are so many interruptions you begin to think you may as well go home.  I did however, get one block done.  Hoping to have a good start tomorrow.

So there you have it.  The weekend is over and it is back into weekday routines.  Hope you all had a good weekend....the All Blacks won....whoopee!

Here's a lovely quote for you...a little long, but lovely.

"Friend! How sacred the Word"

"Born in the heart of God, and given to man as a treasure from the eternities - no other word in the language is so heavily freighted with meaning.  With one friend I would count myself rich;  to possess more than one, I were rich beyond comparison.  A friend is a priceless gem for the crown of life here and a cherished star in memory forever."                Cyrus B. Nubbaum

Thanks for joining me.  See you again soon.


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