Sunday, 17 June 2018

Little Plant heads

Today I'm shamelessly promoting my DIL's YouTube channel and it does use scraps! LOL
Just slightly different scraps to our fabric ones.

A quick update on my scraps - the new direction I have taken on Danielle's quilt is progressing well.  Having such a lot of triangles already cut out has made a big difference.  Almost finished all the small sizes - 2"  and 25" and the larger ones will not take as long as there are fewer to make.  Now onto my DIL's scrap use.

I just love this series of videos my lovely DIL Kea has made, along with lots of help from Marcy her 3 yr old daughter.  They are made for the enjoyment of other little ones, and it would be great if any of you would like to subscribe to Kea's channel so that she can get her film name of Ficus and Cat on her link.  Need to have a 100 subscribers I believe.  It will be enjoyable I know.  )-:


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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

A Finish at last...

I can finally show you a completely finished quilt.  This is called "River"  and was a range of fabric we sold in our shop quite a few years ago.  It was always one of my favourites.  It was a real happy chance that I found this lovely border fabric so many years ago that goes quite well with it.  My heartfelt thanks to my friend Lorraine who quilted it for me and made a great job and to Lyn who stitched the binding on for me.  These are the heavier jobs I struggle with now.

I am very blessed to have such good friends.  This is all I have for now although I have managed a few other bits and pieces, I will save them for the next post.

Take care and thanks for popping in.  Hope all is well in your world.

Hugs and blessings
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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Been busy ...

Trying to make some progress.  I see I forgot to put the photo of Travis in my last post...hmmm maybe I was worse than I  Here he is trying to fit into Kerry's slipper - such a daft cat.

Travis has an absolute fascination with shoes and we have to keep our good leather shoes out of his way.  He likes to sharpen his claws on them and he has already lost at least three of his lives in regards to my lovely (expensive) shoes.  Travis lives a very dangerous life indeed.

I also made  big decision regarding Danielle's quilt.  I made (or tried to) another two blocks and no matter how hard I tried, these blocks would not behave.  It is one of the reasons I have put off finishing this particular quilt.  So these blocks below -

have now been unpicked and we have gone back to the drawing board.  I had an inkling I had seen a pattern in one of my scrap books that would suit all the HST's and triangles already cut out.

There were a lot of them, plus quite a bit of extra fabric available.  That's when I remembered my fabulous book by Amanda Jean Nyberg...

Yay, looked through this fabulous book and look what I found...

This gorgeous quilt uses HST's in five different sizes and I already have two sizes cut.  There are enough left over of the 2.5" ones to be able to cut them down for the smallest size.  I only need to cut the two middle sizes or could leave one out as I don't want to make the quilt too big.  Happy, happy, got 20 done yesterday!

Plus I have made a start on the medallion quilt using my new method of 15 minutes (or thereabouts) at a time.  I'm very happy with how this is starting to look.  My biggest problem is I fuss over colour choices, so that choosing time is not going to be included in the 15 minutes,  Hehehe it probably took me about 30 minutes at least to choose this one little frame,

The photo has come up very dark, but it's not quite as dark as this and the outside blue has little gold dots on it.  All from my scraps - yippee.

To finish off, I found my collection of thimbles.  These were put away when we moved almost four years ago.  The biggest problem has been "where do I put them."  Guess what my Mothers Day gift is from my DH?  He is making me a cracker little shelf set specifically for them.  I'll keep you posted.

I think there are about 90 something in that container!!  Maybe I have a bit of a problem.  LOL

That's my lot for now.  Thanks for stopping by and I will talk with you again soon.  Have a great time in your sewing rooms.

Hugs and blessings,
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Thursday, 10 May 2018

Decision making

The layout has finally been sorted for my Applique Affair quilt.  Once I have them all sewn together I will take it to a couple of LQS's in search of a suitable frame and border fabric.  Needs to be quiet and yet enhance my blocks.  So glad to have got this far with it.  I wrote that about two weeks ago... the only progress has been the blocks are now in rows. 

Then I took Angie's (of advice, and will turn this spare block into the beginnings of a small medallion quilt.  I'm quite excited to get started on it, and hopefully it will  not become another WIP.  Angie's advice also included the wise words of just spending 15 mins a day on it and it will soon be finished.  I'm going to try that!

Apart from that I have spent a lot of time recovering from getting extremely tired after events happening for three weeks in a row.  It's been a learning curve for me about how my tiredness can build up on itself it I don't allow enough recovery time.  I also allowed myself to get very dehydrated which is also a bit of a no-no for me.  Oh well, we learn from our mistakes - all is good and Clare is much wiser - lol.

To finish off here's our daft cat Travis trying to fit into Kerry's slipper.   LOL.

Hopefully back sooner than last time.  Thanks for dropping in and take care.

Hugs and blessings,

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Wine Country Quilts photos..lots

It was a fabulous show once more. Congratulations to all the committee and to those who entered their quilts.

These are just some of the Quilts on show. It was awesome.

Thanks for stopping by. Hugs.

P.s. trying to learn how to do this on my phone.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Just when you think you're finished...

I was doing a happy dance on Saturday night as I stitched the very last piece on the very last block of my applique quilt.

At last, after approximately 10 years of on again, off again attempts, I had finished the blocks I had chosen to do.

So yesterday I trimmed them all up and put them up on my design wall (and forgot a photo), only for the Tuesday Girls to tell me I had one too many!!!! Horror of all horrors, how could I possible have put myself through the agony of stitching the very last block and then find I had one too many. 

Well, you just have to laugh your cotton socks off, don't you?  It really is quite funny and now of course, I shall have to do another four blocks.  With no interest in doing a cushion with the left over one, I shall carry on and do another 4!  And just between you, me and the gate post, I am actually quite pleased to have a few more blocks to do.  It felt quite strange to say I had finished it.

This is why I didn't leave my applique blocks up on my design wall...

The Tuesday girls got stuck in again and we have made enough blocks to make this second quilt, and believe it or not, we have about 26 of the 30 needed for quilt number three.

These quilts are being made for charity - and we are still discussing who we will donate them to.

The biggest problem is the scrap basket doesn't seem to have gone down very much at all.  Meg reckoned they were being very naughty at night time and multiplying.  We all think she is right.  LOL

Here's a shot of the industrious beavers at work - we had sewers, trimmers and pressers working away.

It was quite a job vacuuming up after this session, but we had a huge amount of fun.

We plan on doing this once a month, and at this rate we will get quite a few charity quilts made.  I'm ever the optimist that my stash will decrease. hahaha hahaha.

The other good news is I am up to date with my scrappy nine patches for the Square Dance Mystery Quilt Along over at From My Carolina Home.  Wow, this is exceptional for me to be so organised.  Maybe there is hope after all for me.  The next clue must be due by the end of this week I think so I have only just made it.

There are 40 of these lovely blocks and they are very scrappy.  Fabric is so expensive over here (now over $30 NZ) for a lot of it, that we tend to think of scraps as anything under a fat eighth.

And last but not least, I have been chugging along with the pies.  No tarts for a couple of weeks, as the ratio is 8 pies to 3 tarts.  LOL.  Love this quilting language.  This is my slow stitching project as my hands tend to object to too much of this intense stitching.  (Um mm, I'm a little bit OTT with my little stitches the girls tell me, but I cant help it, LOL)

That's it friends.  The autumn days are certainly drawing in and we finish daylight saving at the end of the month.  Winter will be here before we know it and for those of you on the other side of the world you will be rejoicing in the warmth of summer.  I guess we need to let you have your turn.  Enjoy your springtime.  It's so lovely seeing all the flowers pop up isn't it.

Thanks for popping in and talk to you again soon.  I'm  going to link up with Cynthia of Oh! Scrap 
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Hugs and blessings,

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Report for 6 and 6 in 2018 and 18 in 2018

So how has your month been?  I'm reasonable pleased with mine as I did achieve a few things.  We're also allowed to not perform quite as well in February because it's a bit sneaky in only having 28 days.  THREE whole days of stitching lost. Hmmm...
So here we go:

Happy, happy.  I have finished the second to last applique block of my quilt.  Already started on the LAST block.  Happy, happy, can you tell?
 The pies and tarts have doubled themselves, which is not great progress, but I have been concentrating on the applique.  This one is definitely going to be a slow project as it's very hard on my hands.  Still love it though, so although I had decided to abandon it, the girls have encouraged me to keep on going.  Glad they did.

The pile of nine patches has grown for my Mystery Quilt.  Such happy blocks to make and not too much brain work involved.  It's quite incredible that a simple bunch of squares like this can make so many wonderful patterns.

 I have finally made a block for Danielle's quilt.  Got a bit fed up with all the cutting and sorting, so decided to make a block.  I am pleased with how it looks, but it is a tricky wee block to make with all those triangles.  So important to get the size right too, so wondering whether to abandon the pattern and make something else up with the units I have. More pondering and  maybe I'll make a couple more blocks before I decide.
 My sister came up for the weekend and we had an awesome time stitching.  We have become very close since I got sick, and I love our time together.  We went out for coffee before Joy headed home.  The other good looking bloke is my dearly beloved Kerry.  Definitely a keeper as he has trained up quite well and looks after me extremely well in my illness.  I praise God daily for him.

All the kidlets and their tribes are doing well.  This year we have two grandies achieving their 5 years old milestones and will be gorgeous little school kids.

In between all this I managed to sew a swimming and book bag for my great granddaughter Tiana in Perth, Australia.  I did make it much harder than it should have been and you would laugh at the stupid things I did.  Was going to be simple - yeah right!

And to finished on a smiley note - don't you just love the way sunflowers make you smile.  These are growing out the back of our home and way above the fence (1.2 m) and much taller than yours truly with the camera.

I hope you have enjoyed my wee summary of February and hope yours has been good too.  Let's hope we get lots more sewn in March cause we have three more days in it, and Easter means no work and we get a very laid back start to April!  Oh dear it's going fast again isn't it.

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Hugs and blessings and thank you so much for popping in.