Sample Edge to Edge & Other Designs

Posted here you will find samples of some of the different pantographs that I am able to offer you my customer.  There are others available too, but as they are used I will post them here.  Will also pop some custom styles on too.
Thank you for trusting me with quilting your lovely quilts.

This pattern is called "Tickle Too"

Then we have "Cool Beans" a very modern style of pattern.  Great for a  man's quilt.

This one looks great and is called "Dazzle" and is another quite modern looking style.  Also good for a masculine style quilt.

Holly Hock is the pattern name for this one.  Gorgeous.

This is some custom work

This is my sister's quilt and the pattern came up beautifully and is also "Tickle Too"

Colleen's gorgeous Irish Chain with freehand feathers...

This pattern is "Plush" and looked great on Jean's purple 16 patch scrap quilt.

 Sue's super scrap quilt with the "Art Deco" pattern

Some more freehand custom

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