Thursday, 5 May 2016

Gorgeous bag and other trivial stuff...

I was very spoilt last week when my lovely friend Eve gave me this fabulously gorgeous bag.
How about that, it has pockets inside and a beautiful button flower on the strap.  The fabric range came from a lovely shop in Missouri that I was taken to when visiting my good friend Barbara from Parsons, Kansas.
Barb and her daughter Jackie took me for a tiki tour (that means a good look around) and it included crossing the border.  I was a typical tourist and got very excited lol.  Anyways I fell in love with this range of fabric and the book that was with it, but had never got around to making it up.  I therefore gave to my friend Eve as she also loved it and "nek minute" Eve turns up with the awesome bag. There you have it the long winded story about this bag.

I went to early morning prayer at church on Wednesday, and the sunrise was stunning.  Had to try and capture it, but this pic doesn't do it justice really.
It looked like the sky and the trees were on fire.  Reminds you of our awesome creator I reckon.

Have done a little bit of quilting on Rebecca's quilt, but it has been quite a slow process.  The change in weather has affected my breathing heaps so cannot quilt for long periods.  Never mind.  Slowly does it.  Rome wasn't built in a day and all that stuff.

Have made another couple of blocks in granddaughter's quilt and cut out some blocks in another quilt.  I am trying to get a whole heap of cutting done, and then designate a day for each quilt.  It's my logic of how to get all these quilts finished, but whether it will work or not is an entirely different story.

I have be on guard to prevent any more fabric slipping in my door!! It is a very difficult job because all these quilt shops put lovely pictures up of all these fantasmorgorical fabrics. Neat word isn't it? So far it has worked for a whole week!

Well that's it.  I shall sign off with this photo of Tyson trying to hide under our quilt so we wouldn't see him.  LOL.

It's a bit of a give away don't you think?  Hehehehe.  Hope you all have an awesome weekend and mothers that you get very spoilt on Sunday by your children and husbands.  You are all such important people who do an amazing job.

Hugs and blessings