Thursday, 13 February 2014

That "ex" Word

It's just all too much friends....I have started to exercise again!  There is no hiding the fact that I have a very on/off relationship with exercise.  It is something I NEED to do, but do I really WANT to do it?  Not  The only problem is that as I begin to get into it, I love it and actually DO start to feel much better.  Oh dear, what a conundrum.

My friend Rae and I have decided to help each other and we are going to the pool twice a week and floor type exercises one other day.  On top of that, we are going to encourage each other, and perhaps even eat very healthy food!  Of course, if we keep it up, we will both lose some weight (needs to happen) and continue to feel much healthier and happier...  Mmmm.  Watch this space.

Photos....still not working properly with my phone.  Have to go back and talk to someone else and hope that they know something!  The last person didnt.

Am on the second of two quilts for my client Linda.  I have taken some photos of the first one and will take more tomorrow when I finish the second and will use my good old camera.  Shall go back to the old fashioned way.  These two quilts

both have different pantos, but are the same pattern different fabric.  They are quite different but look equally lovely.

Will post the photos tomorrow.
In the meantime, here are a couple of photos of quilts from the past :)

This medallion has been waiting for quilting for a long time.  I designed it about 10 years ago.  It's still nice, just never got to the top of the quilting pile.

This was a panel that we had in our shop that wasnt selling, so I made up a sample quilt then couldnt keep up with the demand for kits!  It was sold and sent to Columbia!!

Thanks for reading and see you all again soon.


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  1. Hello

    Love that Japanese panel. It's so true that samples sell fabric.

    Good luck with the health campaign