Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Just when you think you're finished...

I was doing a happy dance on Saturday night as I stitched the very last piece on the very last block of my applique quilt.

At last, after approximately 10 years of on again, off again attempts, I had finished the blocks I had chosen to do.

So yesterday I trimmed them all up and put them up on my design wall (and forgot a photo), only for the Tuesday Girls to tell me I had one too many!!!! Horror of all horrors, how could I possible have put myself through the agony of stitching the very last block and then find I had one too many. 

Well, you just have to laugh your cotton socks off, don't you?  It really is quite funny and now of course, I shall have to do another four blocks.  With no interest in doing a cushion with the left over one, I shall carry on and do another 4!  And just between you, me and the gate post, I am actually quite pleased to have a few more blocks to do.  It felt quite strange to say I had finished it.

This is why I didn't leave my applique blocks up on my design wall...

The Tuesday girls got stuck in again and we have made enough blocks to make this second quilt, and believe it or not, we have about 26 of the 30 needed for quilt number three.

These quilts are being made for charity - and we are still discussing who we will donate them to.

The biggest problem is the scrap basket doesn't seem to have gone down very much at all.  Meg reckoned they were being very naughty at night time and multiplying.  We all think she is right.  LOL

Here's a shot of the industrious beavers at work - we had sewers, trimmers and pressers working away.

It was quite a job vacuuming up after this session, but we had a huge amount of fun.

We plan on doing this once a month, and at this rate we will get quite a few charity quilts made.  I'm ever the optimist that my stash will decrease. hahaha hahaha.

The other good news is I am up to date with my scrappy nine patches for the Square Dance Mystery Quilt Along over at From My Carolina Home.  Wow, this is exceptional for me to be so organised.  Maybe there is hope after all for me.  The next clue must be due by the end of this week I think so I have only just made it.

There are 40 of these lovely blocks and they are very scrappy.  Fabric is so expensive over here (now over $30 NZ) for a lot of it, that we tend to think of scraps as anything under a fat eighth.

And last but not least, I have been chugging along with the pies.  No tarts for a couple of weeks, as the ratio is 8 pies to 3 tarts.  LOL.  Love this quilting language.  This is my slow stitching project as my hands tend to object to too much of this intense stitching.  (Um mm, I'm a little bit OTT with my little stitches the girls tell me, but I cant help it, LOL)

That's it friends.  The autumn days are certainly drawing in and we finish daylight saving at the end of the month.  Winter will be here before we know it and for those of you on the other side of the world you will be rejoicing in the warmth of summer.  I guess we need to let you have your turn.  Enjoy your springtime.  It's so lovely seeing all the flowers pop up isn't it.

Thanks for popping in and talk to you again soon.  I'm  going to link up with Cynthia of Oh! Scrap 
here  Do pop in and have a look.

Hugs and blessings,