Saturday, 18 April 2015

Farmers Wife, Vanuatu Quilts = less UFO's

At last I have managed to grab a moment to say hello and that I am still around.  Easter came and went and I made a big effort to get two quilts done to donate to the appeal for Vanuatu after Cyclone Pam caused such devastation. I found these two in the pile labelled "Quilts to be Quilted" which has now been reduced by 2!!!  Woohoo.
This first one was a sample quilt I made way back when I first began teaching.  Was a scrap quilt class and I am really pleased how lovely it looks now that it is quilted.  I used a lovely variegated King Tut which looked fabulous over all the autumn colours.

The back looked almost as good as the front on this one.

 And I absolutely loved the effect of this freehand border square.  I found this in my latest Angela Walters book and decided to have a go at it.  So easy and fast to do and it didnt actually matter that each block was not exactly the same size as the next one.  Love it.

 It's quite hard to see the patterns on the blocks, but I tried out lots of different types of sashing styles and fillers and tried to give this quilt a bit of a modern look to it.

 The other quilt I did was the complete opposite.  A gorgeous panel quilt that I had made up years ago for the shop and had never gotten around to quilting it.  A delicously bright quilt and I hope it gets given to a young girl.  I used a soft lilac Magnifico thread which looked great.

The back was a soft pale blue, but the late in the day light gives it a deeper look.  This pattern was also a practice of a freehand feather flower also by Angela Walters.  It was super easy to pick up and if I got stuck, a few spirals and hooks soon got be out of the predicament.  Another lovely one to learn as an all over edge to edge that is freehand.

This is a close up of one of the gorgeous panels.  I was almost sad to give this one away it turned out so cute.

Here is a picture that I promosed of the whole of the hexagon quilt.  Wonderful colour choices from Lyn

Wouldn't be complete without the cat would it?  Travis decided I had put this nice warm pile of batting there just for his pleasure.  Had to tell my sister I couldn't start her quilt until the cat has finished his rest!!!

And I have managed to do a little bit of sewing.  Now have 14 of my Farmers Wife blocks done.  I think the slowest part is choosing the fabric and getting them all cut out. Some of these blocks have well over 30 pieces in them.

 Spot the booboo in this one.  Darn it, more reverse stitching.  I have had to be much more careful and accurate with these blocks and that must be a good thing.

Okay, that's it people.  Up to date sort of and I must away.  I shall try and be back a little sooner next time, but we will see what life throws at us next.  Hope you are all well and enjoying those wonderful little moments that constantly amaze you about being alive!