Sunday, 17 June 2018

Little Plant heads

Today I'm shamelessly promoting my DIL's YouTube channel and it does use scraps! LOL
Just slightly different scraps to our fabric ones.

A quick update on my scraps - the new direction I have taken on Danielle's quilt is progressing well.  Having such a lot of triangles already cut out has made a big difference.  Almost finished all the small sizes - 2"  and 25" and the larger ones will not take as long as there are fewer to make.  Now onto my DIL's scrap use.

I just love this series of videos my lovely DIL Kea has made, along with lots of help from Marcy her 3 yr old daughter.  They are made for the enjoyment of other little ones, and it would be great if any of you would like to subscribe to Kea's channel so that she can get her film name of Ficus and Cat on her link.  Need to have a 100 subscribers I believe.  It will be enjoyable I know.  )-:


I'm linking to Cynthia's at Oh Scrap here