Thursday, 23 October 2014

Fabulous Nappy Bag and an Animal Quilt...

I am so chuffed with myself....I did it!!!!  Had said I would make this gorgeous looking bag for Kea to use as a Nappy/Baby bag which had a built in changing mat and lots and lots of pockets.  It also had lots and lots of zips....scary!

I read the pattern about seven times first, then I enlisted the help of my lovely friend Eve to help me get it cut out.  While Eve was helping me I got started on making it and  it didnt seem quite so difficult then.  While having to reread the pattern and think "what on earth do they mean?" sometimes it was just the different way us Kiwis think to our American friends.  Woohoo, got all three zippers in and my changing mat even worked out the way it was supposed too.

Here are lots of photos because I am so rapt that I actually did it.  Also, am so impressed with my Janome Horizon 8900 sewing machine.  That baby sewed through up to 12-14 layers and never missed a stitch.  It was impressive. what did that pattern say to do next?

The finished article.  It took some detective work to come up with the swivel hooks and thank goodness I have such a clever hubby.

 I always wondered how to make a zippered bag top like I know!

The changing mat has a zipper on each side and opens up with a pocket that can hold a nappy and other neccessities for babies.

 Looks impressive doesn't  Pushing my own barrow here.
 This photos shows the pockets that line both sides of the inner bag, so no lack of storage space.  Kea's choice of fabric was awesome too.

 And a girl needs a space for her cell phone and those important pieces of technology.

On Monday I had fun quilting Rosie's gorgeous panel quilt.  I did a freehand swirl pattern all over it and it really did come up nice.

 I used a So Fine in a soft tan colour which really looked good over all the colours.

 This back is actually an olive green colour.  Interesting what a camera changes.

Tyson wondering why this bag will only fit his head and shoulders, lol.  While he wasnt looking, Travis jumped on him  lol.
So there you have another wee catch up.

Have a great weekend.  We have a four day holiday weekend starting today as it is our region's Anniversary Day as well as Labour Weekend.  Yippeee.

Blessings to you all


  1. Wonderful bag. I made a couple of easy ones, but they aren't suited for my brain....directions gave me a fit.

  2. What a fantastic bag! I'm chuffed with you too (though I'm not quite sure how to use that word lol.)