Sunday, 24 May 2015

A Gorgeous Scrap Quilt or two

Look at this, I'm back already and it's only been a couple of weeks.  Been quilting flat tack as I seem to have heaps of custom quilts waiting in the pile and they take time, time, time.

This is my dear friend Felicity's lovely wee sheep quilt with hand dyed hearts.  This quilt came up really well and was easy to quilt with an all over loops and star design.  That's Fliss (for short) holding her quilt up!!

 I used a King Tut 901 on the top and Bottom Line in the bobbin.  This variegation had all the same colours as Fliss's quilt so it looked really great.

Love this sheep fabric and used it in granddaughter Olivia's quilt.  It's such a fun fabric.

Then I finally quilted Fliss's wonderful scrap quilt that was like a walk down memory lane with some of her fabrics.  Fliss had been very patient waiting for me and allowing me to let others jump the queue ahead of her.  What fun it was to finally be able to quilt this for her and I just love the way it came up.  Be prepared for lots of pictures cause I love it!!  LOL.

I used So Fine 402 on the cream fabric and So Fine 454 on all the rest with Bottom Line in the bobbin.  It worked really well over all these scrappy colours.  The triangle applique blocks ended up with micro scribbling (from a Cindi Needham workshop) and took about 20 minutes each to do.  Phew!  Didn't actually intend to be so micro, but once I had started I couldn't stop! Feathers in the corners and pebbles in the four centre appliques.  My favourite is the chicken cause it looks like they are dancing on the cobblestones....hehehehe.
Border work very simple with loops at opposite directions looking like hearts or a big 'M' and stippling behind the almost circles.  In the star blocks I did line work and continuous curves around the outside and in the pinwheel blocks did something different in each one.  Thanks for being so patient Fliss.

So there you have it.  I have another one to show you soon but need to tootle off for now.  I hope you are all keeping well.  We are freezing here (for us) and the snow is very low!!!  I would imagine there will be some major frosty mornings coming up.

Take care and blessings to you all,


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A beach, a hill and an almost finished quilt top....

Hello everyone, finally made it back to say hi and what's happening in my world.  Life has been rather hectic, and of course I managed to get sick again.  All better now and getting back on track.

Anzac Weekend saw my friend Donna and I troop off to Pongaroa to have lunch with my sister.  We used to visit this tiny village with our parents who had close friends living there for some years.  Sounds terrible to say that we have not been back for about 50 years!!!  After lunch we drove on out to Akitio Beach where we used to often go while there...the crayfishing was legendary.  How easy it is to forget the little dirt roads and how long it takes to drive the hilly winding 30kms to the beach.  All worth it in the end and we went back home the alternate easier route.  The trips is around an hour and a half one way from home.

I did manage to get my sisters very large quilt finished before I left and was able to give it to her on the day.  Glad I dont have to sew all that binding down Joyce!!

The pattern was the freehand flower that I practiced on the Vanuatu quilt and it looked really lovely on this one too.  I used a Magnifico Thread in a lovely olive green that just looked stunning on these colours.  Number is 2180 and it sewed like a dream with bottom line in the bobbin.
The alterations have been moving along nicely, and while I was tripping around, the boys got stuck in and put in some walls and the new kitchen window. I spent the day at friend Catherine's giving her some help on quilting her lovely Round Robin quilt.  Cant wait to see the finished article.

It looks even better than this now too.  And look what I got for Mother's Day...just what every mother desires... a handle on the toilet  Coming up in the world here in Waipukurau.

We are in the throes of ordering the kitchen, so that is my next most exciting thing happening in the building world.

In the stitching world, I have finally got this scrappy top together for my grandson's birthday quilt.  Now to get the frame on and find a nice border fabric.  I'm hoping that there is a chance I will find something nice in my stash, but not counting on it.  I'm really happy with the result so far.

On Sunday after a lovely lunch with Kerry, we drove up to the top of Pukeora Hill just outside out town and sat on this lovely new seat with a view.  Can see about 190 degrees from up here and it was a spectacular day.  Love this part of the world.

And finally, one for the birds.  This Cotoneaster tree at my sister in law's is a feast for the birds at this time of the year.

There you go my friends.  The update in a short version.  We will be off to Wellington in three weeks to help Richard & Kea move into their first home!  Wow, such a special time for this little family.  Marcy is growing at a great rate and is such a beautiful baby...of course!  The twin great grandsons are now at home with Mum and doing well.  Jayden the smallest is still on low flow oxygen, but both are putting on weight and seem to be thriving.

Take care and will try to come back sooner.