Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Pretties Scrap Quilt, Aunt Grace and a rally...

have all been a part of the week.  I was really pleased yesterday afternoon to finally get the last row finished in my Aunt Grace BOM, but was annoyed at have so many blocks left over!!  Hmmm well once I looked at the pattern, the brain got into gear and remembered that I had to make TWO rows!  This afternoon it was time to get four more blocks made and get these rows done and dusted....woohoo...job done.  Now it is time to start cutting the sashing strips and putting this quilt together.  I think it shall be my task for the week.

Plus I managed to get my first row put together in my Pretties Scrap quilt.  The plan is to get lots more of these done over the next couple of weeks too.  Mind you, I have a full week ahead of me with the aim of getting Lorraine's applique quilt finished as well.

On Friday Kerry and I walked up to the "Green Patch" in town to join the "Don't Damn the Dam" rally in support of the water storage scheme being worked through here in Hawkes Bay.  It was a great turnout with over 400 vehicles of all types and over 600 people in support of this project.  The aim was to let people know it wasn't all doom and gloom which seems to be the only view we hear lately.

People were all around with placards and waving and cheering on the vehicles.

I never thought to make myself a placard....oh darn!  lol

There were some humungous tractors....
and lots and lots of big trucks with clever signs...

A rousing time was had by all and the speeches were really good too.

There you go then.  We are off to a new week when the eyes open next....hope you have a great week.

See you again soon,


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