Monday, 9 June 2014

Wonderful Wellington

We had such a lovely time in Wellington.  Saturday was spent by Kerry out in the front garden getting everything back up to scratch.  Shrubs were either trimmed back or dug out and weeds were dispatched to the transfer station.  Mid afternoon I was commandeered from my knitting duties to go for a ride to Bunnings to get some new shrubs and some mulch.  If I could figure out how to get the photo onto here I would show  This is the beanie in progress however...

Sunday morning we all went down to the waterfront Farmers Market.  This is a wonderful place chock full of the most amazing array of fruit and vegies, herbs, potions, food to eat, coffee and buskers singing their hearts out.  We love it, and had our breakfast after Richard and Kea had done their shopping.

It was so picturesque and the day was fine, warm and a fabulously calm sea.  All this in Wellington in winter!!  Then it was off to make a choice in the food hall.  So difficult, especially when you are hungry.

A wonderful time was had by all.  Then we tootled off to have a look at a couple of open homes.  The kids are in the planning stages of working out what is necessary for them to get into their own home.  Tough times in this regard.
 Back home Sunday evening and it soon rolled around to work time Monday.  My friend Lorraine from Masterton arrived with a quilt for me to custom for her.  I will take some pics is the most beautiful applique quilt and we have been ruminating over exactly how we are going to quilt it. 
 The traitor cat (Travis) thought he would check out if he could go home with Lorraine when she goes as she gave him lots of attention.  After all, his owners deserted him all weekend. (Dont tell the caat, but he is being deserted again this weekend too as we head up to Te Awamutu for a birthday party!) Shhhh.

That's it, my eyeballs are hanging out and I will catch up with you tomorrow and show you the additions that managed to end up in my stash..... who said that?


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