Monday, 2 June 2014

A Purple Scrap Party & Ice Cream Sundaes!

 I have been spoilt these past few days as I have this lovely big Nolting Pro 24 quilting machine sitting in Kerry's workroom.  Two quilting how great is that.  Jenny and Russell from Quiltique dropped by on Thursday and set it up so I could try it out for a week or two.

Not wasting an opportunity, I popped Jean's very large purple scrap quilt on and started quilting on Saturday.  This quilt is 85" x 93" and I have to say this machine flew through it in no time.

It was hard to take a photo of the whole quilt.

I used Superior's Magnifico in a lovely rich purple with Bottomline in the bobbin.

The pattern is Plush by Hermionne Agee of Loralie Designs in Australia.  A really simple pattern that gives lots of great movement.  My photography is not very good.

Jean used this lovely backing that features lots of different wines.
Yesterday I had a lovely surprise visit from my grandson Caleb.  Matthew brought a truckload of cows down to a farm out from us and left Caleb with us for a few hours.  It was super.  We went off to the park... then it was absolutely necessary that an icecream sundae should be devoured....mine was a chocolate brownie.

Never ask your husband to take a photo of you.  This is the best of three Kerry took and even that I was a bit wary of letting you
I also managed to get my Paper Bag Challenge blocks  made a couple of days ago.  They are a very simple block and Robyn has gots lots of different greens that will be put together.

And last but not least is this latest photo of my youngest grandson Hamish.  Mum (Dayn) says he is great at pushing himself on it... but he has only mastered reverse gear so far...vbg.  Get to see them all on the 14th June so really looking forward to that.

Well, that's the update from another Queen's Birthday weekend.  Back to work tomorrow, but then nothing much was different really.  I'm off to try sewing up some of my own Paper Bag challenge blocks to see how I might make this block look reasonably ok.

Bye for now and take care.


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