Friday, 30 May 2014

Friday fripperies....

Well for a start it is so lovely and quiet in our street tonight.  We have been the main bypass road for the past week while they do major repairs to the bypass corner...that meant truck and trailer units, buses, cars and all other sorts of transportation vehicles going past our house.  Not so bad during the day, but at night it is a big rugged with these great big trucks pulling away from the corner right outside our bedroom window.  Never mind, it did need to be done and it was great free advertising for our house sale!

Have not been doing too much in the way of stitching or quilting as I managed to get another eye infection in my left eye.  Gosh it makes you feel tired and irritated.  Picked up my prescribed ointment from the Chemist this afternoon so should start to feel better by the end of the weekend.  Did manage to sew the rest of the blocks for my last two rows in the Aunt Grace Row by Row....yippee so close to assembling the quilt....

Yesterday I went to Epic Ministries to help teach some college (high school in US) girls to knit.  We had a lovely time as the girls started on a peggy square each that will be made up into a lap rug for one of the youth workers who is in a wheelchair.  It will keep his legs warm in the chilly weather.

The bonus was Diane made some yummy cupcakes for our afternoon tea!

Tomorrow I am going to load one of my unfinished quilt tops and hope to get it done and dusted over the long weekend.  That would be so awesome to reduce the pile.  Makes starting another quilt a necessity when another is finished!!

Catch you later and thanks for stopping by...



  1. I wish someone had shown me a bit of knitting when I was young! I have still never caught on :-)
    Love the Aunt Grace blocks!

  2. Hi! Love your Aunt Grace blocks. A 1930s quilt is high on my list of quilts I want to make. Love those fabrics.