Friday, 2 May 2014

Scraps of time

Darn it all, I forgot to bring the camera home to post the latest photos and my friend Catherine told me I had to post more often with lots of photos. Therefor I thought I would have a look in some of my older photo  files.  Here is a little trip down memory lane.
First off, Lorraine from our Tuesday Chat group stitched 10,300 tiny hexagons in this quilt...she needs help!! We did help her baste it.

 Diane, a friend from my old home town made this fantastic quilt.  Arent the colours stunning.  It was even more gorgeous in the flesh (or should I say fabric)!

This is Grace Cat making sure I picked the right stitch for the job.

Then she had to make sure Kerry was cutting the coasters correctly too.

And look at this...we had snow in August 2011.  Wow it was just so exciting.  Hasn't happened since either.

The front yard.

Lucky last is my favourite Kaffe Fassett quilt.  I just love the colours of this quilt.  It has all sorts of different fabrics in it and it came out great.  It still received many comments even though it must be about five years old now.

There you go.  Hope you enjoyed these few scraps of life.  Catch you again soon when I remember to bring the camera back home.  Off to Auckland on Sunday so need to go finish sewing the eyes on Ollie's quilt.

Take care.

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