Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Christmas Hexagons

I'm sitting here staring out through bleary eyes trying to make my foggy brain think logically.  The cold bugs caught up with me on Monday and I'm trying not to feel sorry for myself.  Also trying not to spread it around, especially to husband....we all know what man-colds are like!!  So I have lit the fire, made myself my favourite cure - a lemon and honey drink (from our homegrown lemons no less) and a couple of malt bikkies just cause I can...and here I am with you. I feel better already!

Of course work doesn't care whether you have a cold or not, so I plodded my way through this lovely Christmas hexagon quilt that Lorrie asked me to quilt for her.  I borrowed Catherine's "Holly Bells" pattern, only it turned out to be "Holly Berries" instead!  Oh well, it's still a Christmas theme and I know Lorrie really wanted some holly leaves on her quilt so it all worked out in the end.

It is a very busy quilt in the centre as Lorrie just sewed her hexagons together randomly rather than in a pattern so you see very little of the quilting pattern in the body of the quilt. The three borders make the quilt a good size for her granddaughter.

I used a King Tut 1002 thread which is a variegated Christmas red and green.  It did look nice.  As Lorrie wanted plain quilters muslin on the back the pattern looks great when you turn the quilt over.

Last night I did manage to get a few blocks of my Aunt Grace BOM sewn up.  I am making the last two rows at once and need to get a move on.  When these are finished then it is assembling the quilt...woohoo!

Yesterday at Tuesday group my friend Eve brought along the bottom fabric as a beginning of making a burgundy quilt for some friends at church who have left the district.  We should, of course, have thought of this before they left, but better late than never as they say.  I found another nice floral, so now we just need to hunt up a couple of other colours and we can get started.  Sticking to a simple pattern so that it will actually get done.

It would not be complete without something from a cat or two.  Travis decided he would rather sleep in this old sewing machine case than on the nice comfy batting Kerry put down for him.  Then he wouldn't get out when it was time to lock up so Kerry closed the case and carried him home in it!!!  It was rather funny, and the daft cat didn't even really mind.

A lovely quote to finish off with...."Friendship is one of the sweetest joys of life.  Many might have failed beneath the bitterness of their trial had they not found a friend."  Charles Spurgeon

Thank you for reading and hope you are all fit and healthy.



  1. Sorry you're not feeling so good. Hope you're better by Monday. That hexi quilt looks super. I'm a sucker for hexies. Don't make them just love them.i have a super vintage one which I must show you. Love the cat story. My silly Kaiser would do the same thing.

  2. I'd never seen a Christmas hexagon quilt before - it's so merry! I invite you to share this great quilt on Hexie Weekend. I bet someone will start a Christmas quilt. And the quilting is gorgeous!