Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sunshine Quilt Finished & progress on Pretties Scrap quilt...

Wow, I am exhausted I have to say.  Quilted Friday through to Monday evening to get my friend Colleen's Sunshine quilt finished.  Have to say I am so totally rapt in the finished quilt...it looks good I feel.  Here are some photos for you to decide....

The quilt is quite large - 76 x 81" and was beautifully made.

Another angle.  I used So Fine in white, yellow and black with Bottom Line in the bobbin.

The colours of this quilt make you smile.

Thanks Colleen, I loved quilting your quilt and I am sure your daughter love it too.

I have been plodding away with my Pretties Quilt and have almost finished all the Block B's. 

Kerry has done some fine tuning on my Featherweight and it is now running like a dream.

The plain squares are all that is left to go - 26 of them.  Of course with each of these blocks you end up with two mini HST's....see!

This is the last time I am doing this I have decided.  I will finish these out so I have enough to make a small quilt.

Look at my gorgeous grandchildren.  On the left Danielle (11) is holding Olivia (yes it was her quilt I have just finished-aged 9 mths) and Hayley (7) is holding handsome Hamish who is 3 weeks older than Olivia.

To finish off, here's Travis trying out the new wool batting.  This is a new brand I'm trying so it got the okay from the cat which is always a good sign.

So there you have it.  Going to slouch in my chair and watch "Britain's Got Talent" very soon.  It is such a funny but good programme to watch.

Hope all you Mums had a great day on Sunday.  Thanks for reading and catch you later.


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