Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Beatrix Potter Quilt

Today I managed to load and quilt this lovely panel that Rosie had added a couple of borders to.  The Beatrix Potter panels were really cute and this one is no exception.  I decided I would like to try free handing this one with echoed hearts and some spirals.

 Look at this cute backing fabric.

 I used a lovely Superior Magnifico thread in a soft gold colour with Bottom Line in the bottom and it sewed like a dream....love those threads.  Looks great too.

I had lots of fun quilting this for your Rosie, thanks a heap.

Boy was it cold when I headed off at 6.30am for our Wednesday Prayer Group.  It read 0 degrees in my car and took a long time to warm up.  Brrrrr.  I know we get a lovely day, but by 3.30pm it was starting to get that freezing feel again.  The poor old Aucklanders of course think they are doing it hard, but everyone south of the Bombay Hills knows what cold means.....vbg.

Hopefully I will get a little sewing done tonight.  There has not been much progress during the last week, although I did sew my Paper Bay Challenge block yesterday and will take a photo tomorrow.

Thanks for joining me in my journey....see you again soon.


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