Wednesday, 7 May 2014

An Autumn Quilt

"There is no crime from which a cat can't extricate itself by a little timely purring." 
Author unknown

Here we are and it's Wednesday again. I've been very tired since the long drive on Monday, but work was stacking up and I needed to get a couple of quilts done.  I had loaded my friends Churn Dash back on and went to cut some wool batting from the new roll that had arrived.  Oh Horror!  The new batting was disgusting - hard, ridging and totally un-usuable. After a talk with my supplier he discovered that his whole shipment had the same problem.  Have managed to source some other wool batting to be going on with, but as it will be a few days before it arrives, I whipped Eve's quilt off again and loaded another one on that had to be finished for this Friday. This is Elaine's lovely autumn coloured quilt that has been made as a gift for her sister.  It was her first large quilt that she has made, prior to this Elaine had only made wall hangings.  The quilt was lovely and straight and quilted up beautifully.

 Some of the colour combinations were just yummy....I love these colours.

The one above is even more delicious in reality.  Why is it so hard to get the colours looking true?

The pattern was Dazzle by Hermionne of Lorien Quilting.  I love her pantographs and have quite a collection of them  now.  The thread was So Fine in a soft tan.  The quilting needed to be subtle on this as the quilt is the star here.

Look what we found in the box!  The wally cat again lol.

Loading my friend Colleen's quilt tomorrow.  It is custom and is needed in a hurry so that's going to be interesting. Not a lot of piecing going on here with all this working.  Mind you Kerry has made some further adjustments to my Featherweight and it is going like a dream now.  I am working on my scrap quilt "Pretties" that I am doing through Otane Club.

Do you think it will be third time lucky for Eve's quilt?

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  1. That is a lovely quilt. Your so right about how the colours seem to change. I notice our northern hemisphere quilting friends often take photos in low light. Perhaps we should try that?