Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Churn Dash is done...

At last Eve has got her beautiful Churn Dash quilt back.  It seems to have been such a long, long journey to get to this point.  I am so thankful that Eve is my friend and so patient with me.  In the end I changed the design as my foggy brain from my cold could not cope with the fancy stuff I had thought I would quilt.  Change of design and I am happy with the fact that you can still clearly see the large churn dash in the background.

I had managed to get halfway around with the binding for Eve and then handed it on.  I used a Magnifico thread in a lovely olive green that seemed to go over most of the colours well.  Had a little trouble with tension but swapped over to Bottom Line in the bobbin, made some adjustments and away we went.

The colours in Eve's blocks were gorgeous.  It is one of the talents Eve has to put unusual combinations together and they look great. Here are a few more photos for  you.

That's it for show and tell as Eve's arms were a bit tired by this time and we were outside the Epic Ministries building after church.  It was shady and seems to help with the colours in pics.

Last night my friend Donna and I went to the movies to see "Son of God." It was not the best portrayal but we made the best of it....

See what I  We had the Snug to ourselves and got extremely good personal service.  Even provided with our own table to put our spread on...vbg.  And the Colossal Cone was totally decadent and tasted divine.  It was Donna's idea, and I needed to keep her was the least a good friend could do????

Tomorrow we leave early for Taupo.  We are off to Linda's to put up some quilt hangers, do a couple of little fix it things and, most importantly, talk quilting!  You can check out Linda's blog here.  Hope to have some photos and stories for you.

Trust you have had a grand weekend.  We have had lovely sunny weather with only a little wind and a few showers.  Very spoilt in Hawkes Bay.


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