Friday, 25 April 2014

Tuffing it out with the Tumbling Block....

I know, this is my third post in as many days, but it has been holidays and I am in stitching mode. First up was to make another Contrary Wife block as I like the way these four blocks come together and make up an interesting rectangle....might have to make a quilt up in this to see how it develops.

This is with the light side of Shaded 9 patch in the centre
Now the blocks reversed...
Not sure which I prefer, both look good.
Then it was on to stitching up my Tumbling Block from the Craftsy BOM. I had carted this block backwards and forwards for I know why. It was the most exasperating block I have made in a long time.  I reverse stitched almost as much as I stitched.  Here is the result...I am pleased with it.

The colours are not showing up too well, it is much brighter than this shows.
Then there was the cat!  My companion who insisted on sitting in the wee basket - there was just one problem...I dont think Tyson realised he didn't fit too

 My lovely human gave me a cushion of fabric...she is so kind....

But I had to have a bit of a stretch after awhile...

This cat is such a wally.

There you go.  Thought I should keep it short so I don't bore you death three days in a row!

Enjoy your weekend.  I'm off to Hastings to get my hair cut...yay, and dh has promised to take me out for a meal for our wedding anniversary on Wednesday last.


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