Sunday, 6 April 2014

My Le Moyne Star is all Set!

"A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though she knows that you are slightly cracked"
Bernard Meltzer

Hehe...isn't that just so lovely, just don't tell my friends lol.

Well, another weekend has been and gone and we have finished with daylight savings.  'Twas quite dark this morning when the eyelids opened, not of their own accord either I must add.  We spent most of our weekend finishing off those last minutes things in our house that needed to be done before the open home yesterday afternoon.  Oh dear, this keeping up appearances might be good for Mrs Bouquet, but no good to me.
Once the panic was over, I was able to do some stitching for the rest of the afternoon. I was going to play with a couple of different projects, but sternly told myself to get something finished!!  So I did!

This is my Le Moyne Star all done and dusted.  I have to say I am most pleased with myself....can you see that self-satisfied smirk all over my face?  Mind you, had to do a little bit of fudging in the middle to make sure all the seams lined up proper like.

Not too bad for a first timer.  This one shows my lovely Kansas Shop Hop fabric that I used on the points.  It was so interesting to see the 3D effect this block has too when you pop it up on a wall.  Love the look of it, but it has been a slow one this to get it right.

So the list is coming along, and I am just in the throes of deciding what needs to be added for the 2nd quarter of the year.  Ollie's quilt is about to be loaded onto my longarm, so that is extremely close to being finished, but I still have four blocks to do in the BOM from the 2013 Craftsy quilt.  The next one is a tumbling blocks, so that should be a little easier than the LeM Star.  I have sewn the HST for the last two rows of my 1930's Aunt Grace too, so that is very close to being assembled. The last two rows are the same pattern so they are both done at the same time.

I have to say, making the list has been a good thing for me.  It has made me be more accountable to myself and you who are kind enough to read my ramblings.  Once a thing has been said, really has to done, doesn't it?

Have a great week and see you again soon.


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