Sunday, 13 April 2014

Rain, rain, loverly rain...

A true friend loves at all times - good and bad.  Proverbs 17:17

Monday again - that was quick!  We have had a whole week of rain, drizzle, brief moments of fineness and now we are back to rain again.  It has all been good though because we have badly needed a real good soaking.  Hawkes Bay is so notorious for its droughts.  Today's rain is very gentle, and although it has not been cold up until now...the temperature definitely dropped yesterday. Let's hope it warms up again a little so our farmers get a little more good growth in their pastures for the winter.

It does lead to rather wet furry creatures, who take great delight in leaping onto your lap for a good dry out and a bit of a warm up.  It certainly pushes the bounds of furry friendship to the limit.

We had another open home yesterday and now I can be oh so pious....all the week's housework has been done!!!  Oh my, I'm not sure about all this being top notch tidy.  I rather like a wee pile of familiar things hanging about the place. This is my latest folly....I cannot resist doing the second line of sewing when you do those flip back corners on squares and cut the underneath two off.  This is the beginning of my 1 1/2" HST's jar - not many in that one yet...and the other one is 1 3/4" HST's.  To be honest, I have quite a number of bags of these corners waiting to be sewn and trimmed up some of them go way, way back. Quite mad really!!

They do look nice though, dont they?  I think I have been reading far too many blogs and seeing the gorgeous quilts others have been making from these little scraps. This  next photo is my block I made for the February Scrappy Challenge that is from another blog I follow.  Getting behind already on this one. I had it cut out for ages, but never got around to sewing it up til last week.

It is a nice block and I am tempted to make a few more, but that would be distracting me from my list!
Found these in a container I decided to forage into...another unfinished project from a class I ran at my shop.  They could make a nice chrissy present for someone this year...I will put them in the line.

I picked up the pattern for these when I was in Arizona in 2011. Must be about time I went back there to see what I have missed out on, lol.
Big progress on Ollie's quilt though...loaded and started to quilt it.  Chose a lovely green for the back and I am using a So Fine 402 Cream as I just couldn't find a nice green to go with the pastel green background. One row down, 3 more to go.

The applique pieces are mostly large, so nice and quick to stitch around.  This is the quilting style that was on the pattern, so decided to stick with it.  Using a lovely wool batting.  This ends my quilting update..quite a goodly amount of progress for a week.  This week is going to be much more busier, but we have Easter coming...yippee lots of days off, back to work for three days and then another day off for Anzac Day on the Friday.  Two long weekends in a row is wonderful.

Might have to spend some of the time doing something with our awesome feijoa crop...some of them are just huge.  Giving them away right left and centre.  So delicious.  Perhaps I will have to try out jam making with them?

Well that is quite a long blog for you to read.  Thanks a heap if you read all the way through...I must do more frequent posts so they are shorter....I keep forgetting to bring the camera lead home.  My cellphone is still playing up.  Going to take it back to the shop as my friend is having the same kind of problems.

Take care and I'll see you all again soon.


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