Thursday, 3 April 2014

Little Sister's Quilt

It's ages since I blogged....we have been so busy trying to get our house ready to put on the market.  It was finally listed on the 24th March, but of course every time you look around with an old house, you find another wee thing you should really touch up.  I also had a couple of trips to our hospital's emergency department.  It seems I have a gall bladder full of stones with one stuck where it shouldn't be.  Thankfully it has calmed down now and I am waiting for my appointment with Surgical Outpatients. The worst thing is I have to be careful with what I eat, especially all those yummy things like ice creams!!!

All this put my quilting production on the back burner, but at last I was able to get quilting today. My good friend Eve was quite happy for me to take her lovely Churn Dash off the frame and I popped my sister's quilt on.  It is one of those quick Jelly roll quilts where you sew the rows into one long strip.  Joyce is taking it to Australia with her at Easter time to give to a friend so it needed to be done and sent back for her to do the binding.

Finished loading it up today.  Used a lovely brown for the back but it came out very gold looking in the photo.

After auditioning about 10 different thread colours, I settled on a So Fine dark burgundy.  It looks really good and stands out on both the quilt and the navy border.

The pattern is called "Tickle Too" and is is my new favourite at the moment.

See what I mean about the back looking gold instead of brown?  Love the texture this pattern has given to both the front and back.

It certainly needed the lovely texture and detail of the edge to edge.

 Above and below, close ups of the pattern.

Very satisfying to have finally got started again.  Funny how sometimes you struggle to actually get into action again.
Mind you, bit knackered after cleaning the inside of all our windows!  That doesn't happen very often I can tell  Now to get the outsides done.

Might whip through the little baby quilt I have in the queue and then put the Churn Dash back on.

Take care and thanks for dropping by.


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