Wednesday, 23 April 2014

What a Happy Scrappy Easter it was...

Hello there,

  I have been at it again...there must be something in the air as I have continued to be preoccupied with the need to get my stash organised.  Oh dear, I do hope this is just a temporary condition.  Being tidy all the time is just so tedious and eats into quilting time.

This is my work station I set up so I could iron, then cut and sort all the scraps.

This basket was jammed packed full of bits and pieces, both old and new.  Look at it now, so incredibly organised and not even full!

My containers and drawers have grown.  Such a wonderful sight.  I also  made this momentous more 1.5 inch squares or HST's.  I will finish out what I have and more.  After reading the blog of the Queen of Scraps, Bonnie Hunter which you can find here  I have taken her advice and will start at 2".  Sounds so much more sane, dont you agree?

This basket is filling up with strips.  Assorted at this stage, but I will eventually get them re-sorted into different sizes.  Otherwise, one would constantly be measuring. I have also cleaned up my storage drawers at the house.  I will show you them tomorrow after I take a few more photos.  Am definitely going to be busy for a very long time and the need to buy fabric is at zero.  Hmmm I shall have to work on that. I am going to Palmerston North on 3rd May for "Toat 'n Gloat."  This is run by Rose City Quilters and everyone who attends (ticket only) is welcome to take a quilt and join in the Show and Tell.  There are some very interesting and beautiful quilts that get held up.  They also have a Merchants Mall - how cruel is that?  Must work on my needs

Oh well, off to get ready for sleep.  Gotta remember to shut the door to keep the cat out...he loves to come in wet and get into my face...yuk!
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  1. I am so with you - this tidy lark does cut into sewing time! I am torn though as I feel like I can't focus if I have lots of mess around me! I've been trying hard to keep putting things away properly rather than letting a mess grow. It's working so far.