Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Affair with the hearts continues....

Boy, I am tired from the intensity of stitching on this black background.  Then yesterday the unthinkable happened.  I started to stitch a new background pattern and hated it after about 3 seconds.  On deciding to unpick those 3 seconds worth of stitching it took about 4 hours!!!  Tiny stitches of black on black....scary.  Finally finsihed the last small portion today, but only quilted one block yesterday.

A better day today and have progressed to the 3rd row.  Only 3  more to go then it is onto the rest of the borders.  Going well really.

Here is some eye candy to keep you going....

 And here is my head rest....

Oh my goodness, tomorrow is Friday and I just blinked on Monday!  Hmmm well it jolly well feels like this week has run away on me I know that.

Talk again soon and enjoy your Friday.


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