Tuesday, 14 January 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow.....

Kerry and I had a walk around our vege gardens at the end of today, and I was so impressed.  The tomatoes are just going nuts and look more like triffid shrubs.  There is going to be an absolute plethora of tomatoes soon so I am already planning to make sauce and puree and all sorts of other things that can go in the freezer.

There were four lovely little ripe tomatoes on this plant that we scoffed happily.  Below is the larger picture!

The plant at the back is a Beefsteak I think, and further to the right is another Beefsteak tomatoe that has plenty more on it if we get short.  The large leaves are the cucumber and it has 6 gorgeous ones ready.  Will have to hunt out a nice pickle recipe.  We have already given away heaps off the plant.  Cucumbers are amazing producers.
Then it was off to the side garden (last year's compost heap) where the next triffids are living!
Lovely, yummy beefsteak again.  Can you guess that we are rather partial to this particular tomatoe?  We grew them last year and they were so full of flavour that we have planted about six this year...and they crop wonderfully. Peeking in the background is a flower on the pumpkin plant that has gone awol and is clambering all over the place.  Pumpkins are so friendly and are not the least bit particular about where they roam and pop a baby pumpkin or two to grow.

Out the front of the house, I couldn't resist a photo of the nectarine tree.  It is just so laden this year that these branches are almost touching the ground with the weight of the fruit.  It is the old fashioned variety that has smaller fruit, bigger flavour!!  Love them and will no doubt overeat and suffer the consequences...lol.

The garden ramble has come to an end.  Thanks for walking with me and I'll see you again soon.


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