Saturday, 11 January 2014

Food, Friendship and stitching...a bit of building too!

What a productive weekend we have had here in 'lil ole Ypuk.  We had people from my Life Group at Church coming for a shared lunch today.  This meant I had to do some cooking!! Oh no, I have to admit that husband Kerry is in charge of most of our cooking these his choice I should add.  Therefore I have been a little slack in cooking "nice" stuff.  Well good old garlic bread is always a good starter, so yesterday I bought the french stick and turned it into two yummy parcels of well garlic-buttered bread. (I buy this delicious pot of garlic butter and make my own as I love lots of butter both sides of the piece of bread)

Something savoury....hmmmm, as I walked around the supermarket I spotted some fresh picked asparagus and a little light bulb came on.  Streaky bacon wrapped asparagus is just delicious and only takes a few minutes to cook.  That took care of that with 16 bacon wrapped pieces of a'gus chilling out in my fridge.

Then it was onto something latest fad has been making Nigella Lawson's easy no bake lemon cheesecake, so that was it.  I love all things lemon. Unfortunately our lemon tree is out of ripe fruit so had to buy some.  This cheesecase is so simple to make, tastes super delicious, but is not so good for the body!  All made and sitting in my fridge for tomorrow.

This is totally amazing...I am actually organised.  I think I should mark this day on the calendar.  To top it off, I forgot to take a photo of my cheesecake and now it is all gone!

Now it is today, Sunday.  All the food has been eaten and a great time of chatting and eating was had by all.  I really do enjoy a get together over the dining table.  It's a great way of sharing.

After the clean up I decided to do a little stitching and am feeling most pleased with myself.  I have finished stitching around the 7th and 8th block of Olivia's quilt, then really excelled myself and got the last four lick and sticked and they are waiting for me to just cut around and iron down.  A great effort, even if I do say so myself.  Then it was onto the Aunt Grace quilt and I stitched down one of the pieces of vine on the centre block.  I tried a lovely little applique stitch that I have never used before, and really like it for stitching down something this narrow. No adjustments needed...just sew.

On the way back to the house during the day, couldn't resist another photo of Travis the cat...he insists on trying to squeeze his way into this little basket.  Why do cats do that I wonder? We had to pop them down to the vets on Friday.  Kerry tried to give them a worm tablet...this bloke below acted like a super charged threshing machine and clawed Kerry.  We decided on the easy way out, as Tyson is even bigger than this bloke and would have most likely got Kerry by the

Yesterday Kerry started on the corner cupboard/woodbox storer.  This is the last thing that needs to be finished in the kitchen/dining area.  He has again put rimu around the edges which makes it look so lovely and warm. Tomorrow he will start on the top cupboard that will cover the hot water cylinder and give a few small shelves for storage.

This is my job for tomorrow.  I loaded this wee scrap quilt on Saturday and will most likely do a feather meander all over it.  I had chosen a panto, but have changed my mind.  I am going to use Superior's  Magnifico thread in a lovely gold colour which really will sit up and look good. The Otane Patchwork group made it as part of our Christmas outing and it is a charity quilt.  I think I mentioned it in a previous post.  Has come up amazingly well.

Right time to finish...I always seem to do long posts...maybe I talk too  I hope you enjoy your visit here and I look forward to sharing life with you again.


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