Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Scrap Quilt and a Silk Treasure

Here are the photos as promised yesterday, but I did forget to take one of the whole quilt.  Will do that before I hand it over.

I really did enjoy practicing on this quilt and used a design I saw Irena Bluhm showing on Youtube.  It really does add wonderful movement to a quilt and was so easy to do.  I like that easy bit.  Practiced my freehand feathers too. 

The gold Superior Threads Magnifico does look really good on this quilt and gives it a lift.

The back looks nice too.

I need to practice my pebbles though...a little bit wayward in parts.

In November I bought some lovely old doilies and duchess cloths from our church fair.  They were washed and popped on a shelf for a bit.  When I looked at them again last night I realised this embroidered beautiful silk square is signed.  What amazed me was the date!

Yes, that is 1891!!!!  (a little hard to decipher if it is a 1 or a 7, but I'm going for 1) How special is that.  I am so amazed that someone could let it go, but then sometimes there are no family members left to care about these wee treasures.  I am going to make it into a small quilt and make it a part of our family history so that Marion's skillful work continues to delight others.

The embroidery is exquisite and I wonder if silk was very expensive in the 1800's?

That's it for now.  I did finish off the last two blocks of Olivia's quilt so the last four are now ready for stitching, but spent most of the day loading a very large quilt.  The customer sent a cotton sheet for backing and it is not nice.  It is barely large enough and I had to add extensions to the sides.  I just hope I dont have too many tension issues.

Off to watch to rest of the cricket - New Zealand v West Indies in a Twenty/Twenty match.  Fun!!  Whoopee we just got our first wicket (we are bowling).

Take care and come back soon.


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  1. Lovely quilting, I've been watching her videos too
    That silk piece is beautiful. I don't know how people can part with such treasures - but I'm glad they do!