Tuesday, 7 January 2014

That Scary "Finish" word!

It is already one week into the new year. ..how scary is that. It's taken a little time this week to get out of holiday mode.  It has been very enjoyable cruising along choosing what I will do.   Especially as it's been so hot here - 30° more than once.  Actually I am unsure of why we live in the Bay with its hot summers - we don't even like the heat!!!

Anyway back to quilting.  I have decided that I desperately need to finish some of my myriad of UFO's that are lurking in my cupboards and drawers.  I bet you are amazed by that statement. ..lol.  Well there it is-the truth. I am soothed by the knowledge that I am not alone.
I have made a "get finished in next 3 months" list! !! Here it is:

1. Finish granddaughter Olivia's quilt.
2. Finish Craftsy BOM using fabric from Kansas.
3. Finish my Aunt Grace BOM I bought in Missouri in 2011.
Phew that was so hard using that "f" word.  I don't think I can say finish again for some time. ..lol
Here is a photo of my start. These blocks are part of the Kansas quilt.
Take care and talk again soon.

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