Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Stitching up a row

Two posts in one day...this is a first.  For some reason it seems better to separate the two topics today, and besides, it would have made an awfully long post.

I had a lovely Tuesday.  My good friend Eve came over to stitch while her car was in the garage.  We had a good old catch up since we had not had time since before Christmas.  Eve was so good and worked on her New York Beauty that began its life in 2010.  I dragged mine out and was tempted to join in and do some more on mine, but decided I was going to be disciplined and stick to my list (see post of New Year's Day).  I was so pleased that I did as great progress was made.  Did have to spend the first part of the morning unpicking the stitching around two little hearts on the Otane quilt that I finished yesterday.  Was most unhappy about the quality of the little feathers so did them again on my trusty Janome.  Lo and behold in my eagerness to get done with it I caught the backing under the stitching.  Thank goodness the caught fabric was in the excess that is going to be cut off anyway, so was able to fray it out.

Then it was action stations.  I have cut out and stuck down two of the last four blocks for Olivia's quilt -

Aren't they just so cute.  Will look a lot better with their eyes on of course.  That just leaves two more.

Then it was on to the centre row of my Aunt Grace quilt.  I had  made the hexagon flowers the wrong way round in size/colour and had to redo them, so it has taken quite a while to get finished.  I just love the way this row is looking and am getting quite excited about getting it finished.

This is just a half of it.  It is just so pretty don't you think.  Now however I have lots more stitching  around pieces to do.  Not sure about all the fusible applique...it seems to take quite a bit of time.

Then just before I went home I was determined to make up this lovely little block I had seen on a blog I follow Patchwork Times authored by Judy Laquidara at Bloglovin.  It has come up so pretty.  Judy is running a Scrap Challenge - you have to make the blocks each month from your stash.  Let's hope I can keep up.  It sounds so easy when you say just one block a month, but then all of a sudden you are behind.  That's what happened with my Craftsy BOM- I'm only up to July.

I took some photos of the Otane quilt, but used my camera and left it behind at the shop.  I will post those tomorrow.  I am very pleased with the way the freehand pattern has come up.  Not sure about the Magnifico thread...I got a few little tangles underneath now and again?  Shall have to see if I can figure it out.

Off to bed now.  Been a busy, but productive day.  Thank you for visiting and do come back soon.


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