Friday, 10 January 2014

Progress is being Made

So far the list is going quite well.   I have stitched around two more blocks of Olivia's quilt.  It leaves two more ready for stitching and four that need to be lick and sticked. Then I can get on to the putting together stage.

Have also finished four blocks in the next row of the Aunt Grace BOM. Leaves four more in that row but had to email the pattern maker as page two of this row was missing.  Prompt reply so no excuse now.

Also finished a panel quilt of Ford Mustang cars. Did it for a good friend of ours who is a solid Ford man. It came out really nice and Mike was impressed with his very own quilt.  Forgot to get a photo but will get one soon. Here's the photo of my progress.
Thanks for reading and do come back soon.


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