Thursday, 23 January 2014

Big, brown and beautiful...

It was finished I was tired after this effort.  Even though it is a very simple panto, the winding through of such a big quilt can be quite tiring.  All worth it though as it does look beautiful.  Lots of comments from fellow quilters on how lovely it looks.  I used a Superior threads King Tut in Cedar, a lovely variegated brown.  It justs sits there and lets the fabrics speak, but adds great texture.

We also tried to pick a basketful of nectarines to send off to our son in Wellington.  However, Kerry had to give up because the cat (Tyson) would not stay out of the basket.  He just sat there in the basket while Kerry carried him all the way from the front of the house, round the back and into the house....definitely a nutter cat!

This afternoon I made up a fat quarter apron for my granddaughter Hayley who turned 7 today.  The family is arriving tomorrow to stay for a long weekend, so thought I better have it ready.  Found a fat quarter of the Cat in the Hat fabric which I have used on the back and just peeks over in the front with the title in full view. Made the pocket out of a fussy cut piece of Disney Princess fabric.  I am really pleased with it and hope she will be too.

Tomorrow will be a busy day as I need to make sure all is ready for the family.  Plus my sister and brother in law are coming for lunch on Sunday....hmmmm what will we eat?  By the way, the pickle tastes delicious.

Thanks for visiting.  I will take a photo of the finished kitchen building project and post it tomorrow.  The light is not so good tonight.


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