Monday, 21 October 2013

What a blow...

When I first got up at 6am this morning there was the most magnificent of those that illuminates your house and those around you.  It was so bright I was drawn to go outside and see more of it of this wonderful sight on a calm Tuesday morning.  Within a couple of hours all had changed!!!  Up came the most terrible wind that hammered the newly planted tomatoes and anything else it could in its path.  These equinox winds are ones of those things that I dislike the most about spring weather.  Hawkes Bay seems to get more than its fair share of them too...I guess we get so much sunshine we can hardly complain.  The wind just dries everything out so much and the endless rounds of watering begin.

To make myself feel a little better I took Kerry out for morning coffee.  Oooh I just love that frothy stuff they put on the top of my cappuchino....says she who could never stand drinking coffee.  I have developed a taste for espresso coffee (still dont drink the instant) and in particular I just love that frothy stuff (even repeating myself here :).  I get my spoon and play in it, mixing it all up and then scooping it out spoon by spoon.  I'm not actually sure that I even enjoy drinking the rest of the coffee....I think I just like playing in it....hmmm was I deprived in my childhood?

This afternoon it was off to Life Group, which is a group of people from church who meet together weekly each term and we discuss stuff to do with faith, life and anything else that happens to come up.  As the current leader of the group I have to work out what will happen each week.  Right now we are just starting a church-wide course called "Culture of Honour" which is a lot about treating people with honour.  It has definitely been taxing the brain as I work through the material to pass on.  Good though as they are a lovely bunch.

Next it was into quilting my Kaliedoscope quilt.  Had a bit of a hiccupp when I started my first row, but luckily I only did one motif....forgot to line up the laser light with the bottom of the quilt.....duh!  Once that was sorted I managed to get a couple of rows done before it was time to call it quits....I have taken a couple of photos to show you. Isnt that border fabric delicious.  It is so hard to realise that just by stacking and cutting you get all those beautiful blocks...each one different.  I chose a lovely Superior Threads King Tut variegated cotton thread that picked up the lemony greeny colour that almost shines.  The photos don't do justice to it actually.  Really happy with the way it is going so far.

Well off to see how Kerry is going with the corned beef he has cooked for dinner...the smell from the kitchen was so delicious.  I am extremely spoilt to have a husband who likes to cook!! 

Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you again soon.


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