Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Scone Making Story....

Yesterday was our Anniversay Day in Hawkes Bay which means, of course, that we lucky people get a four day weekend with Labour Day on Monday.  It's a great reason to move here!!  So it was a slow start in the morning, and as we ( DH and I) were sitting up in bed gazing out on the garden and sipping tea, we discussed our plans for the day.  Then the phone rang and our friend Catherine announced that she would be around at 9am for a cuppa.  We leapt in to the shower (NO! not together lol) and then it was out to the kitchen to tidy up.  Had this great idea that I would make scones, so told Kerry to put oven on to heat up while I made myself squeaky clean. Cheese scones were duly made just in time for Catherine to enjoy and we had an unexpectedly delicious breakfast. 

I must tell you my scone making story though.  It was one of those homely, good housekeeping, efficient wife type things to be able to make delicious scones I thought.  However, my vain attempts at scones always ended up in disaster.  In fact, Kerry eventually asked me to refrain from even trying to make these strange, small hard things that he felt were more useful as fill in a concrete foundation than for eating!!!  I was, of course, quite put out with this and so said it suited me fine not to even try anymore!!!  It's called throwing a tantrum

However, as I matured in my life as a good housekeeping type of wife (NOT), I felt it was time to have another go at these delicious treats that other women seemed to have no trouble whipping up here and there.  A very kind friend (and excellent scone maker) gave me some good advice about how not to mix them and for the first time in about 20 something years of marriage...I mastered the art of scones.  Wowee, whoopie, and all sorts of great excitement type words.  My life as a wife (forgive the pun) was now complete!!

So there you have it...the saga of the scone making and my hard earned advice to all would be scone makers is...dont mix the life out of your scone fact, barely work the flour in before you chuck the mix on to your board, knead quickly and cook!!

Today it was back to the cereal and milk for brekkie. 

It was the most beautiful day again here in, sunny and not a cloud in the sky.  The wind was bearable until about 3.30pm and then it blew like crazy. 

As our grandson is no longer staying with us, it has become a little harder for Kerry to keep up with everything, so I felt that I should offer to help out somewhere (drats).  I have very rarely mowed the lawns as there has usually been a handy kid or grandkid around that one could make good use of.  Now it was just us and the only one to be made good use of was yours truly.  Why did I open my mouth and say I would have a go at mowing the lawns...silly girl.  Well I did it!!  I am feeling extremely pleased with myself and consider I have been a most virtuous wife today...and I have the aches and pains arriving to tell me I done something stupid!  Reminder to not volunteer for manual labour!  Seriously though, it was good to be able to help out, and Kerry would empty the catcher for me (some lifting issues) and that made the job a little easier.

We took a huge load of garden waste down the the Transfer station where they were having a FREE day for green waste.  Wow, what a treat.  I would have mowed the lawns again just to get another free trip!!  We now have another couple of spots for some extra gardens and tomorrow we will plant maybe some more tomatoes and those extra swan plants I couldnt resist.  We just love watching the monarch butterflies flying around the place and it is so amazing watching the caterpillars munch away, go into their crysalis and then....a miracle happens and out comes the most amazingly beautiful butterfly!.  Special.

Well it is time to stop this saga and go put my feet up.  Hope you have all had a great day too.  Here are a couple of photos just to show that I really did do some 
See you again soon.

All spic 'n span

My favourite - pansies peeking through the straw

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