Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Petunia Party

The 3 punnets of petunias have been sitting outside for a good week, so decided it was the first job of the day. Round the front I went with my purple garden gloves and my trusty trowel and fork. Of course there were a few small weeds coming through so dealt to those first. Then in went the white, followed by the purple and lastly the reds. It is going to look really colorful once they bulk up and flower. I forgot to take a photo but will do so over the weekend.
Then it was over to the shop to check out my email. Once that was taken care of it was time to set up the next quilt. It is a stunning kaleidoscope quilt and the large border fabric was the fabric that the blocks came from. I will put a photo up tomorrow.
Off to bed now. Spending the day in Napier so need to be up early.
Thanks for visiting. Come back soon.


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