Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Renee's Wonderful Massage and other tidbits...

Sometime during yesterday I managed to pull a muscle that ran from my left shoulder up into my neck.  I could move quite well until I lifted my head a certain way or turned oddly.  Wow did it hurt.  After an SOS last night to  my awesome friend Renee Tobin I was booked in for a massage this morning. It saved me as the neck has continued to improve all day and here I am writing in my blog this evening with only a small amount of pain even though I finished quilting the Kaliedoscope quilt.

I am so pleased with the way this quilt has come up.  The allover pattern has a lovely flower on it and then a little feather or two and some scroll work.  It enhances the quilt well I feel.  Now to get the binding done so I can take it up to Auckland next weekend.  It is being donated to ESI to help raise funds for their premises they are restoring in Oke Bay, Bay of Islands. Then they will set up an evangelism school.  It's a great place and a great idea.

Nice drop of rain overnight and this morning meant all our new plants had a great watering in.  Just cant beat that real rain with all those magic minerals in it.  Talking about minerals, I have been taking huge doses of magnesium plus selenium and a few other things I cannot pronounce.  Was getting awful cramps at night until the last straw was cramp in the right lower leg last week, then by the time I managed to get to the kitchen to eat some salt, I had cramp in the other lower leg as well.  Awfully difficult to stand when both legs are cramping!!  Much better now that I have been upping my magnesium.

Thursday already tomorrow people.  Yay, then it is our long weekend.  Here in Hawkes Bay we have a four day weekend as our anniversary day falls on Friday.  What a lovely break before the madness of the Christmas run up becomes maniacal.

My lovely daughter in law Kea has offered to do a nice graphic for the top of my blog.  Talk about being spoilt.  Kea and Richard celebrated their 4th wedding anniversay has been such a pleasure having Kea in our family and I know our son is really blessed with his wife.  May you both have many more years of happiness - I was going to say bliss but I think that word is overated!

Here are the pics of the finished quilt...hope you like it.

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