Saturday, 19 October 2013

Another Day Out

Today I attended a seminar at the Pirimai Baptist Church in Napier.  A group of us from St Andrews went together. We learned about having conversations with people about our faith. Enjoyed the day, especially the yummy slices at morning tea. Have had my sugar allowance for the next year in one day.  Oops! 
When I got home Kerry had spent all day getting our vegie garden in order. He had done a wonderful job and it looked great.  It is now ready for planting at Labour Weekend. Already got the tomato plants.  We had such an awesome crop from our Beefsteak plant last year we are putting lots in this year.
The boys (canine type) also had a great time helping. They thought the boss was making them a new place to cavort in and mess up.
Off to church early as I am operating the computer graphics for the first time. That's going to be interesting. ..they will probably be singing the wrong words because I pressed the wrong button. oh well,  gotta start somewhere.
These are the boys. Quite handsome brothers.

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