Thursday, 4 September 2014

Friday Fripperies

Wow it is good to feeling so much better.  Life seemed to just mark time for a week or so and I am not a very good patient...too busy to be sick.  Now I am in catch up mode with everything, particularly my quilting.
Last Saturday Kerry took me out for a drive and we had lunch in Waipawa (about 6 minutes down the road), then we walked through Penny Lane to look at all the wonderful handcrafts.  We spotted a stand full of the most delicious children's hats and instantly knew this one would be perfect for Richard and Kea's new baby.  Of course, it may take a year or two for the baby to grow into it...but never mind!

What do you think?  How could anyone resist

I was very spoilt last Friday as my sister sent me these beautiful flowers for my birthday.  The perfume has been quite delicious.

The colours are so full of spring.  It has been so wet and dreary here for the past couple of weeks it is lovely to look at these and think that it is not long until spring will burst forth. My children spoilt me too and have paid for Kerry and I to have a night away at a lovely hotel in Napier with dinner all paid for!  Just what we need, especially my dear husband who has been so dedicated at looking after me and doing everything else too.

I did manage to cut out the fabric for the baby quilt.  However, I should never try and do this while the brain is so fogged up.  Whilst they are all lovely squares from 2" to 4 1/2" what I wanted was all the same width and different lengths.... hmmm.  Change of plan for the quilt coming up.  What's that saying...when life throws you a curve, make a quilt!

We bought a new microwave too, but it sat at home for a couple of days before we unpacked it.  It drove Tyson nuts that the box was closed and he tried his very best to break into it.  He is such a nutcase cat.

Once it was open, he had a lovely time going in and out of the box.

I have plodded my way through loading my next all over quilt.  This is a lovely big black, white and red quilt from a customer in Wellington.  Hope to get started later this morning.

Off to get organised to go to work.  Thanks for stopping in.  I hope all is going well in your life too.


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  1. That hat is a knock out! Flowers beautiful. Tyson a total twerp!!