Saturday, 20 September 2014

Christmas quilt etc.

Hello again, my goodness I didnt know fuzzy brain would take so long to go.  Hmmm, well we continue to progress in the health stakes.  Back to the Drs this week and pleased I am able to walk a little further now.

In the quilting department, I have sewn absolutely nothing for myself.  Drats, but haven't actually got the energy yet and told you about my mistake with the baby fabric.  Dont want to repeat that. Have been reading and re-reading the baby bag pattern as the fabric Kea bought is so delicious I am determined not to make a mistake!

Quilting for customers has had to go on and I am almost caught up.  This Christmas quilt is a lovely wall hanging and it is almost finished.

 Sheryl has a combination of stitchery and applique in the blocks.  Lovely work

This sashing pattern always looks good. Not very good photography sorry, cant see the border!

I have used Magnifico thread 2063 I think, a lovely gold colour that has gone well with all the different colours in this quilt.  Picked up the stars in the fabric with these pieces.

I will show you some more when it is finished tomorrow.  In my last post I put in the heading about our weekend away, and in the fuzz forgot to actually talk or post the pictures!!!  Must have been away with the fairies again lol.  Here a a couple of snaps I took on our weekend that our children paid for us to have a break plus my birthday/Fathers Day. 

This is our first night and we ate at the Thai Chef's  as I love Thai cooking. 

Our main meals and Kerry looking happy the food has arrived!  It was delicious too.

These are some pics from our balcony.  We overlooked the end of the Ahuriri Marina and had a great time watching the boats and kayakers.

The stretched limo was parked out the back right beside the Mini Golf vehicle....David and Goliath lol.  The Mini Golf was rained out unfortunately. 

Out the front was parked the stretched Hummer and a vintage ???? (forgotten).

Our wee balcony. 

We did have lots of fun brunching in the city and checking out some shops.  My photography is really bad friends, as the brain was still suffering from a lack of oxygen.  We caught up with some friends for drinkies on the Saturday afternoon, dined in the Hotel Restuarant "Salt" that the kids paid for, and then sat in bed and watched the All Blacks beat South Africa.  What more could we ask for? 

On the way home on Sunday we had lunch with our DIL Kea's parents which was thoroughly enjoyable.  We were glad to have the time to be able to catch up with friends.  So often when you are going somewhere there is never enough time to catch up.  Maybe we have to make that time, as it's amazing how short life is.

Philosophy over, I'm off.  Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Thanks for calling in and see you again soon.

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